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Presentation of talented first-year students continues

08.11.2013 12:10 Центр виховної та культурно-масової роботи конкурс дозвольте відрекомендуватися

Yesterday was the third day of the annual contest "Let's introduce myself, 1st year" which was attended by first-year students of the Faculty of Philology, Faculties of Journalism and Physical Education, and Economics and Law College of Zaporizhzhya National University.

Traditionally, the jury included specialists of the Center of cultural and mass work of ZNU that evaluated the performance of participants in the previous days of competition. The hosts of the ​​holiday were students of biological faculty Katerina Dyomina and Denys Bilokon. They immediately offered a spectator to participate in the charity event to raise funds for the students of our university, who need immediate medical care.
The first came on stage to introduce themselves freshmen of the Faculty of Philology. They offered a new interpretation of the famous novel by Pavlo Zagrebelny "Roxolana" - "How Roxolana entering ZNU or a prisoner of knowledge". Students prepared a video presentation of their own view of the story Roxolana. They also presented the audience choreographic numbers, author's poems (Alina Chiliy, Kateryna Astion), author's lyrical poetry and photographs (Daryna Aksyonova), vocal compositions (Kateryna Vinichenko) and funny jokes. Especially jury noted exciting and heartfelt solo performed by Anastasiya Verchenko.
A presentation prepared by ELC of ZNU of talents under the slogan «The next generation». Students have focused their presentation on the sport and introduced viewers to the different areas of dance performing art - even acrobatics, sports and ballroom dancing, break dancing, dub-step, performance of cheerleaders and prepared a presentation of various martial arts. Also this evening sounded authors songs, live sound of a guitar, vocal and jokes from Club of the witty and creative college team. Ended performance by video-presentation of student life of college of Economics and Law of ZNU. Commenting on the numbers presented in the performance of college students, members of the jury said that the whole performance of the team was coordinated and prepared on the highest level.
Continued holiday representatives of the Faculty of Physical Education, who decided to destroy all the stereotypes about athletes and made ​​a literary evening titled "A pleasant evening with a cup of coffee". Host of the literary matinee was Vladyslav Vorotkov recited humorous poems and rewarded to each participant a book adding: "Just try not to take a book - I will find you." Funny jokes were heard from the Club of the witty and creative team of the Faculty, acrobatic and gymnastic performances, vocal and choreographic numbers, fire shows and football freestyle - from young athletes. The judges congratulated the representatives of the faculty with this year's holiday - the 45th anniversary of the Faculty of Physical Education - and noted the training of participants, especially acrobatics and football freestyle.
The last presented their own talents freshmen of the Faculty of Journalism. Before the audience was the women's team of the Faculty of Journalism of Club of the witty and creative team "Banana" and the dance team of the Faculty. Also winner of the regional youth festival of pop art in the category "Pop Song" Anastasiya Shupranova performed the author song accompanied by the guitar of Denys Krasnikov. Students prepared a video, dance and funny theatrical performances, vocal, funny jokes and many more.
The judges thanked all participants for their excellent preparation, the fans - for the support and invited all comers at a gala-concert "Let's introduce myself, 1st year", which will be held on 14 November at 16:00.

Kseniya Nazarenko

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