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In ZNU finished a talent contest "Let's introduce myself, 1st year"

11.11.2013 10:40 Центр виховної та культурно-масової роботи конкурс дозвольте відрекомендуватися

November 8, during the last day of the annual contest of amateur performances "Let's introduce myself, 1st year" their imagination to audience and to jury demonstrated freshmen of the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration.

Hosts of the event – student of the Faculty of Philology Kateryna Danshina and Faculty of Mathematics student Mykola Kopylovskyj – reminded those present in the hall, the representatives of these faculties is particularly difficult, they have to finish a creative marathon of talented freshmen at our university. However, the contestants are easily coped with the task: their performances praised as jury in the same composition throughout the contest selected the best numbers for the gala concert as well as the audience.
Representatives of the Faculty of Economics chose for their presentation the format of well-known TV show "Ukraine's Got Talent". So their dance and vocal numbers were evaluated twice: first, an opinion expressed strict jury "Faculty of Economics Got Talent", and then at the end of the performance, they won the contest judges approving estimation "Let's introduce myself, 1st year". Jury chairman – Director of Center of cultural and mass work Julia Yanko - noted that freshmen showed not less talents than members of the famous show.
Students of Faculty of Foreign Languages is not limited to traditional singing and choreographic compositions and offered to the public enjoy a real circus with juggling and balancing act, and played theater scene, proving that the whole history of life may well be illustrated by one song. Another "trick" of their speech became ninjas that appear during almost each number, taking on the role of assistant and clown.
Jury contest member, Artistic Director of the Center of cultural and mass work Andriy Bondarenko, assessing performance, expressed the opinion of all the judges - the students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages were traditionally very talented. Their creative program, according to Andriy Viktorovych, was one of the strongest of all competition days.
And students of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration have chosen for their presentation script of horror film where the characters in order to survive, are forced to perform complex tasks. They were able to make the jury full participants in one of the episodes of the speech, as well as successfully combine lyrical and fiery songs, humor and shadow theater. As a result, freshmen received not only full approval of their comrades - Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration senior students who supported them with loud applause and enthusiastic cheers, but the jury of the competition. Last individually marked with a wonderful sense of humor created a video that can claim victory in a special category, and shadow theater performance, which can be considered a business card of the Faculty.
The final gala concert of the contest, which will include the best numbers of freshmen will be held on November 14. Also during this event will be a traditional award ceremony of faculties winners "Let's introduce myself, 1st year" and those students who were found best in various categories of university stage of the contest "Student of the Year".

Tamila Tarasenko

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