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In ZNU held a meeting of the International Round Table dedicated to solving problems in the real estate management of housing and communal services

13.11.2013 10:55 Міжнародна діяльність круглий стіл

November 12 as part of a two-day International Seminar "Problems in the real estate management of housing and communal services", held on the basis of Zaporizhzhya National University, held a roundtable devoted to consideration of the current state of property management in the residential sector and find potential solutions to the problems that exist in this area of our lifelines.

The participants - representatives of the housing and communal services industry in Zaporizhzhya, businesses and community organizations - gathered to discuss the supply of resources for housing and communal services in our city and identify the steps to be taken for improving the management of real estate in this area.
At the beginning of the event Vice-Rector for Educational Research Volodymyr Volkov wished all participants of the meeting a fruitful work and gave the floor to Director of the Institute Facility Management (Berlin, Germany), Doctor of Engineering, professor Wolfgang Shmal. In his speech, Mr. Shmal focused on the reasons of nascence, features and prospects of the Berlin Society of Real Estate Management, which manages the infrastructure areas and buildings owned by the federal state of Berlin. Wolfgang Shmal said that in the seven years of the company through more efficient use of municipal buildings areas of Berlin had saved 270 million euros.
Head of department on work with consumers of communal enterprise "Vodokanal" Olexander Stetsenko in his report addressed to such actual for urban housing and communal services problems as accounting services provided to consumers in terms of devices installed in the apartments and the output of the buildings, which often have different meanings. According to him, the solution to this problem is complicated by the lack of a clear legislative base that regulates this issue.
Director of the Energy Service Company "Environmental Systems" Vasyl Stepanenko during his presentation said that today Zaporizhzhya is on the verge of bankruptcy of energy, and proposed a number of solutions to overcome this critical state.
In the work of roundtable discussion actively participated Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Water Resources of Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy, professor Victor Banakh, Head of strategic development of communal enterprise "Zaporizhzhya State Investment Agency" Vadym Demchenko, Head of the NGO "Man and Society" Volodymyr Volokh, Director of Enterprise "Hranik" Gennadiy Dubov and Chairman of the heads of condominiums Yuriy Scherbyna.
During the meeting, Mr. Shmal participated in the discussion of controversial issues, shared experience to overcome the problems that have arisen in the German housing and communal services after the unification of East and West Germany.
At the end of the event representative of the Cluster Center of Zaporizhzhya region, Olexander Vivchar stressed that overcoming the problems facing modern housing and communal services of our city is only possible creation of clusters, which would have united the authorities, science and business. He also thanked the experts of Zaporizhzhya National University, who actively cooperate with the Center.
Summarizing the results of the round table, Vice-Rector for Educational Research Volodymyr Volkov noted, that the process of reforming any important area vital activity long lasting and starts, primarily from the revaluation attitude to the problem, finding new ways to solve it. He expressed hope for further successful cooperation of all participants in this area.

Tamila Tarasenko

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