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In ZNU awarded winners of the annual competition amateur performances "Let's introduce myself, 1st year"

15.11.2013 13:19 Центр виховної та культурно-масової роботи конкурс дозвольте відрекомендуватися

November 14 held a gala concert of the annual competition amateur performances "Let's introduce myself, 1st year", which was dedicated to the International Students' Day. Also within the framework of celebration were awarded the winners of photo contest "Youth ..." (Organiser - Center of cultural and mass work of ZNU) and contest "Student of the Year 2013".

At the beginning of the holiday with greetings to the audience addressed Rector of ZNU Mykola Frolov. He congratulated the students on their holiday and wished them to efficiently use their time and potential to get a great education and fill life with a positive and memorable events.
The hosts of the event were Kateryna Chernysh, Evgen Tychynin, Yulia Cheboray, Yegor Zakharov, Kateryna Demina, Denys Bilokon, Kateryna Danshina and Mykola Kopylovsky.
As a result of four days of the contest jury has selected the best numbers that also made the concert program of a gala concert. This is the vocal numbers, that performed Dmytro Eremenko (SPP), Anastasiya Shupranova (Faculty of Journalism), Mariya Zaytseva(Faculty of Foreign Languages) and other; and choreographic performances by dance groups "Alliance", "Grace", etc., and football freestyle from Olexander Voyevoda (Faculty of Physical Education); and gymnastic etudes presented by Olena Polova (ELC), Anna Yantsen and Nina Shcherban (Faculty of Physical Education); and many more.
As a result of the contest the winners of "Let's introduce myself, 1st year" were:
GRAND PRIX - Faculty of Foreign Languages;
1st place – Faculty of Physical Education;
2nd place – shared Faculties of Biology and of Social Sciences and Administration;
3rd place – shared Mathematics Faculty and Economics and Law College of ZNU.
Also, in some nominations have been awarded the following Faculties and it representatives: Faculty of Biology - in the categories "The best Faculty anthem", "Crazy humor", "The best Faculty announcement";
Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration – in the categories "Surprise for all" ("Theatre of Shadows"), "The Best video of the contest";
victory in the category "Golden Voice of 1st year" shared student of the Faculty of Philology Anastasiya Verchenko, student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages Mariya Zaytseva and student of the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology Dmytro Eremenko;
student of the Faculty of Management Anastasiya Stolbina became the winner in the category "Best stage director of the contest";
student of the Faculty of Physical Education Vladyslav Vorotkov - in the category "Best scriptwriter of the contest";
students of the Faculty of Law Dmytro Murynyuk Ganna Shvydka, Ivan Gnatusha - in the category «The best hosts».
Also an award of "The best Faculty announcement" were received Mathematics Faculty, Faculty of Physical Education, Faculty of Foreign Languages.
For active participation and creativity certificates received some representatives of the Faculties. With excellent preparation and organization of the Faculty speech have been awarded Heads of Student Council of the Faculties, Cultural and Mass sectors of Student Councils and ordinary students.
Also, within the event was held awarding winners of photo contest "Youth ...". The winner in all three categories (portrait, reportage, landscape) was the 6th year student at the Faculty of Law Pidluzhna Olga.
Second place was taken by student of the Faculty of Journalism Yevgeniya Naumenko with her work "Mother".
In addition to the main winners, special award for emotion and originality received photos of Anna Klitsenko titles "Oh, I'm sick of these reporters!".
Congratulations to all the winners and wish them inspiration and future achievements.

Kseniya Nazarenko

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