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In Economics and Law College of ZNU held Student Government Day

18.11.2013 11:49 All Colleges and branches Economics and Law College Економіко-правничий коледж день студента конкурс

The International Students' Day in Economics and Law College of ZNU held a traditional Student Government Day. During this holiday college students - both freshmen and senior students representatives were able to participate in a number of diverse fun activities, demonstrating their organizational skills and creativity.

In the morning at the entrance of the 2nd academic building of ZNU, students of ELC arranged for all festive meeting, volunteers handed out to everyone who came, colored candies to create a good mood. Classes in the groups of I and II years this day held not college professors, but senior-doubles. They prepared for younger mates variety of creative tasks: contests, quizzes, etc., and the best answers were awarded with encouraging prizes. Doublers from the number of students also led the administration of ELC: Head of Student Council of the College Sophia Marchenko this day played the role of director, and her deputies were student council representatives of ELC Iryna Teslenko and Vladyslav Kondratenko.
On the big break organized contests-exhibitions of student work: all interested persons can assess confectionery from freshmen groups in different specialties and decorative arts exhibition of products, where products are exposed ELC students of all years. According to results of the tender committee Ist place for handmade creations took Kateryna Styharova, second place was shared by Biryukova Viktoriya and Khrystyna Mkhitaryan, third place shared just three students - Kateryna Kuzyakina, Alina Petrova and Kseniya Kubyshkina.
Participants of the "sweet" competition were using chopped mass to express the essence of specialization of each group. Thus, according to the tender committee, preferably in such an unusual way could present freshmen of a specialty "Accounting" (first place), creating a cake in the form of calculator. Students of a specialty "Law" (second place) created a sweet "Code" and the judge's gavel, students of a specialty "Physical Education" created a sports ground (third place). But a group of "Software Development" not won the prize, but their "Tablet cake" was awarded in the category "Auditorium sympathy". To estimate the taste of these products exhibit could the students after the event.
During the students holiday, on the second floor of 2nd academic building, where the ELC decorated living room with posters, humorous pictures and wall newspapers. Competition of wall newspapers assessed Student Administration, which determined the winners: first place shared newspaper of sophomores of the specialties "Production Organization" and "Accounting", second place - shared specialty "Accounting" and students of the second year of "Physical Education", the third place took groups of I and II years of specialty "Finance and Credit".
There was also a fashion competition among teams of freshmen who had to demonstrate his vision of the business professional clothing. So, best recognized clothing group "Publishing and Editing": to engage the whole team came in colored saris. Second place was shared between a freshmen specialties of "Social Work" ( white suit with a big "red heart ") and "Finance and credit" (cage clothes). Third place was taken by elegant attire, prepared by students of specialties "Jurisprudence", "Accounting" and "Organization of tourist services".
It also launched to a Students' Day the competition of search and research projects of ELC students, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the liberation from Nazi occupation of Zaporizhzhya and the 75th anniversary of the Zaporizhzhya region. Its organizers aimed to enhance the knowledge of participants about the history and present of his native land. Within the event the students were offered the following topics of works: "Zaporizhzhya Region during amulets" (symbolism of settlements), "70th anniversary of the liberation from Nazi occupation", "Unexplored golden pages of Zaporizhzhya region: from the past to the present" "Development of Education Zaporizhzhya region", "One hundred different nations, a hundred different nations - and Zaporizhzhya native land for all".
Within the project was held exhibition of creative works, devoted to the International Students' Day. Also here were presented in the form of wall newspaper, the first results of the research work of ELC students. The project will run till March 2014.
To take part in it could all interested persons: for information please contact deanery of the College of Economics and Law.

Olena Khlystun

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