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ZNU Press Centre News / News / A Preparatory Department of ZNU made ​​a vocational trip through Zaporizhzhya region

A Preparatory Department of ZNU made ​​a vocational trip through Zaporizhzhya region

25.11.2013 09:42 Підготовче відділення профорієнтаційна діяльність

Among the priorities that are set by the members of the Preparatory Department of ZNU - conducting systematic career guidance work for high school students of schools not only in Zaporizhzhya but also in the schools of Zaporizhzhya region. Thus, 20 and 21 November, they made regular vocational trips to schools of Zaporizhzhya and Yakymivsky regions.

With the support of Head of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of Zaporizhzhya district administration Maryna Petrenko and Head of the Department of Education, Youth and Sport of Yakymivsky district administration Eduard Degtyarev Head of the preparatory department of the university Iryna Bakalenko met with pupils of 9th-11th forms of secondary schools of corresponding districts of Zaporizhzhya region.
Measures were very interested prospective students and teachers, because high school students of district schools are not always aware of the opportunities for higher education, choice of profession, rules for the preparation and participation of External Independent Evaluation tests, not familiar with the peculiarities of the entrance campaign, so to get full information from the first hand for them is very important.
All schools with a career-oriented visit, representatives of our university, Iryna Bakalenko meeting participants, provided detailed information on how to navigate among a variety of occupations and a large number of schools, faculties that are the most prestigious and in demand with the requirements of today. Iryna Mykolaivna also talked about the benefits of higher education exactly in our university, on logistics, scientific and pedagogical potential, student entertainment, acquainted with the specifics of External Independent Evaluation tests and entrance campaign 2014.
In her speeches, Iryna Bakalenko stressed to future students on the main objectives they have to solve first: the best way is to finish the school year at the school as well as possible, because the average score certificate will be considered for entrance to universities, to decide which universities exactly to apply for, and the time to register on the External Independent Evaluation tests; successfully pass the final certification and independent external evaluation, and finally to become a student of dreamed higher educational institution. Iryna Mykolaivna also offered studying at training courses, where entrants will receive certain benefits in entrance, high quality teaching, in-depth study courses, quality training to external evaluation tests and creative competitions, high efficiency entry to Zaporizhzhya National University. Invited to take part in next year's free trial trainings of External Independent Evaluation tests that will not only be better prepared for taking tests, but also for future entrance campaign 2014.
Also, the school graduates received advertising materials (brochures of university faculties) for detailed acquaintance with the selected faculties.
It should be noted that a meeting with prospective entrants in the walls of native schools are very informative for high school graduates and help to determine the university, which they will enter.

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