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Students of ZNU held a roundtable discussion on international development vectors of Ukraine

25.11.2013 11:46 Студентська рада Угода про асоціацію з ЄС форум

22 November in ZNU held a student forum dedicated to discussing topics "Association Agreement with the EU". Their "for" and "against" on the two possible vectors development of Ukraine in terms of history, economics, law and political science during the event expressed not only ZNU students, but also representatives of other universities of Zaporizhzhya. Organizers of the forum - Student Council of ZNU, moderated the roundtable discussion the deputy head of student council on information issues Olga Lebedeva.

Due to the suspension of an agreement with the European Union, the student forum format changed. However, this did not prevent young people to gather and discuss the prospects for the development of our country and express various opinions on the vision of these processes.
Thus, student of Historical Faculty of ZNU Maksym Kasian proposed to present historical overview on attempts to create a different kind of political associations on the territory of Europe in the time of ancient, medieval and modern history at the time, especially in the territories of the former Soviet Union. Student of the Faculty of Journalism, head of Zaporizhia branch of the European Youth Iryna Sobchuk told the audience about the work of this organization, participation in the sessions of the European Parliament, outlined Benefits for Ukrainian youth when signing the Association Agreement with the EU. The results of the survey "Challenges of European Integration of Ukraine: a sociocultural perspective" presented the students of the Faculty of SSA Ruslana Dekhtyarenko and Kateryna Gulyakova. They examined the integration processes in Ukraine and highlighted aspects which hinder our country to join the European Union. Their speech was about the difference mentalities EU residents and their different attitudes towards immigrants, lack of class among Ukrainian itself, the problem of the Pension Fund of Ukraine and other issues that should be resolved through social reforms. Another student of the Faculty Nadiya Kvitka spoke on "Prospects and risks of cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union." To attention of the participants were also presented reports on the current state of the countries that joined the European Union, the Czech Republic, Poland and other.
A lively discussion in the hall caused also discussion of positive aspects of economic development and political sphere when signing the "Association Agreement with the EU" and the possible risks that could expect our country. Almost diametrically opposing views were presented on vision development of Ukraine today's students, and soon - experts who will decide the fate of our country. Thus was expressed almost unanimous opinion in this issue should not be indifferent, everyone should express their active civic position, to have prospects for a better future in their own country.
In conclusion, the students emphasized that continue to discuss these pressing issues during a round table, which will be presented papers on various sectors of the economy of our country and the EU member countries.

Olena Khlystun

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