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Students of the Faculty of Economics of ZNU examined the prospects for the development of agritourism in Ukraine

27.11.2013 16:46 All Faculties Economy Економічний факультет засідання круглого столу

November 26, Faculty of Economics of Zaporizhzhya National University as part of the problem student research groups of the department "Finance and credit" held roundtable meeting on "Project Management and agritourism".

The event was organized Dean of the faculty of Economics, professor Alla Cherep, also the organization and conducting of the meeting, was attended by activists of the Scientific Community of Students and Postgraduates of the Faculty of Economics - 4th year students Olexander Korobov, Sergiy Medvid and Maya Onishchenko.
At round table meeting had made their way Deputy Dean of Economics Faculty Andriy Lynenko, teachers of the Faculty of Economics - professor Volodymyr Bugay, Ph.D. in Economics Olexander Lepohin, associate professor Taras Shevchenko and Igor Pashkov, a leading specialist of Scientific and Research Department of ZNU Svitlana Dobroskok, Chairman of the Scientific Community of Students and Postgraduates of ZNU Valentyna Kucheruk.
With welcoming speech to those present at the event addressed the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics, associate professor Andriy Lynenko. He noted that "the legal status of rural tourism and agritourism in Ukraine is not defined. This is a problem for the development of the industry as entities often understand the definition of rural tourism in different ways and mean different things. Also, the lack of a clear legal field hinders the economic development strategy of creating this type of tourism and programs for its support and assistance".
An example of such an active participation of young people in the formation of the development of agribusiness vectors were scientific reports of students Olexandra Mogylna, Margaryta Piun, Alexander Korobov, Anna Lukashenko, Mykola Vernydub, Nadiya Lanchkovska, Constyantyn Kryuchkov, Dariya Samoylenko, Vladyslav Staschuk, Sergiy Medvid and Kateryna Yevgrashena.
During the discussion of the topic, it was emphasized that today in Ukraine should encourage the development of green tourism, as it is now only in its initial stages. Joining Ukraine and Zaporizhzhya region in particular to the development of agritourism will help to get additional sources of income to attract this industry entrepreneurs from rural areas to facilitate the development of rural infrastructure and increase labor employment of its residents in general.
After the event, Andriy Lynenko noted that "agritourism - a sector of the tourism industry, focused on the use of natural, cultural, historical and other resources in rural areas and its specific character to create an integrated tourism product". Based on materials the roundtable will be published a monograph, which will include the work of teachers and students of the Faculty of Economics of ZNU.

Olena Yaroshenko,
Olexander Korobov,
Head of Scientific Community of Students and Postgraduates Faculty of Economics

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