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In the 3rd hostel of ZNU conducted a student cooking show "Yum"

09.12.2013 17:14 Відділ виховної роботи змагання

December 4 in the 3rd hostel of Zaporizhzhya National University held cooking show "Yum". Organizer of the event, during which students - hostel dwellers - were able to demonstrate their culinary skills, acted Department of Educational Work.

For the title of the best chefs competed ten teams - representatives of Mathematical, Biological, Philological, Foreign Languages​​, Social Pedagogics and Psychology, Management, Social Sciences and Administration, Journalism, Physical Education Faculties, and Economics and Law College.
The talents of young chefs evaluated thorough jury, composed of Head of the Department of Educational Work Svitlana Kondratenko (Jury Chairman), specialists of this Department Tetyana Balanyuk and Inna Derevinska and head of the Student Council of the 3rd hostel Vitaliy Kinchak.
Competition "Yum" took place in three stages. The first time representatives from each team had to demonstrate their knowledge of cuisines from different countries, blindfolded, to taste, correctly guess five varieties of jam with fruit set, fruit serve a good meal, the speed of taking over a cereal and take a 3-minute to write the best possible number of meals which include potatoes.
During the second round of the competition the team had to serve a table. All contestants revealed with not only extraordinary knowledge of the rules of etiquette, but a lot of imagination and ingenuity.
But the third round - "Homework" - has become crucial for all teams participating in the show. All teams brought for a strict jury three dishes prepared in advance: a hot dish, salad and dessert. Thus evaluated not only the taste and appearance of food, but also the presentation of culinary delights. So contestants played humorous and lyrical theatrical scenes, recited their poems, dancing and attracted to participate in their presentations the audience and even the jury.
Fans actively supported their team with loud cheer and applause. The festive atmosphere of the event also created the comic performances of the host of event - a student of Economics and Law College Yevgen Tychinin and Philological Faculty student Yulia Panko. Also, while the jury advised the majority in determining what kind of team found the best culinary talent, the audience presented their songs Valentyna Procenko, duet of Nataliya Onishkevych and Dmytro Serkov and Olena Struk. And in order of awaiting the judges' decision, all participants were regaled with a cake.
According to the jury first place in the contest took command of Mathematics, second - shared the teams of Biological Faculty and Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration, and the third - the team of the Faculty of Journalism. Students of Mathematical Faculty received great festively decorated cake. All winners also received gifts from the organizers and all the other teams - Diplomas for active participation in the show.
According to Svitlana Kondratenko, during each creative competition residents of hostels demonstrate to all the new facets of their many talents, but the results of this culinary show for the jury were real pleasant surprise: all teams demonstrated exceptional culinary talent and ingenuity, the difference between the winners was hundredths of a point. Svitlana Viktorivna also promised the audience that the contest "Yum" will be held next year, as well as become more interesting, because the organizers are planning to hold in the future three to four rounds competition, adding another year's tests - the representatives of teams issued with the same set of products they will need during the actual event to cook pancakes. This proposal has received complete approval of all those present.

Tamila Tarasenko

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