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In ZNU held a conference "EduConference 2013", focusing on the challenges of Zaporizhzhya's youth employment

09.12.2013 10:22 Університет студентська рада конференція

December 7-8 on the basis of ZNU held educational conference "EduConference 2013" for students of 4th-5th years and graduates from universities of our city. Event was organized by international youth organization «AIESEC», among the partners of the conference - Zaporizhzhya National University.

Organization «AIESEC» presents itself as a platform, which gives young people the opportunity to develop personal and professional qualities towards the formation of both leaders through participation in international academic exchange programs and various projects. According to representative of the organization Vira Nevynska, participants of «AIESEC» has conducted conferences on the peculiarities of participation in various international programs, but this level of education event held in Ukraine for the first time.
Conference organizers set out to identify trends in the labor market of Zaporizhzhya region and Ukraine, explained youth, what criteria guided Zaporizhzhya's company during staff recruitment, to outline the basic traits necessary for future employees of this or that prestigious company, and give young people the opportunity to participate in open dialogue with senior executives of leading enterprises and the organizations of our city.
At the beginning of the event Head of the Organizing Committee of "EduConference 2013" Lyudmyla Sadova thanked for their active life position all the speakers and participants, as well as all those who contributed to the event, including the administration and the Students' Council of ZNU. In addition, the audience was reminded that last year «AIESEC» conducted a number of environmental educational activities, including - on the basis of Zaporizhzhya National University, with the participation of foreign volunteers. Thus, on the basis of our University held an international environmental conference for students and pupils of educational institutions of Zaporizhzhya.
Before those present performed their reports Head of recruitment, integration and development staff of JSC "Zaporizhstal" Vitaliy Khrol, superintendent of the steel mill of metallic hardware Roman Slobodyuk, Head of Zaporizhzhya club entrepreneurs Vitaliy Semenyuk, author and host of "Course of Interior" Vitaliy Ivakhov, director of training company "Getmanchuk Group" Evgene Hetmanchuk and her collaborator Olena Voitsekhovska and many others. They told conference participants about politics of Zaporizhzhya leading enterprises and companies in the field of recruitment, as well as personal success history.
All speakers received from the organization «AIESEC» certificates for active participation in educational work with youth in order to increase its competitiveness in the labor market.

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