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Students psychologists and lawyers discuss inter-industry interaction

11.12.2013 16:20 All Faculties SPP Факультет соціальної педагогіки та психології юридичний факультет круглий стіл

December 10 at the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology of ZNU held a round table on "Current Problems of Psychology in the practice of law". The initiator of the event were representatives of the the Department of Applied Psychology and Scientific Community of Students and Postgraduates of the Faculty of SPP. In the meeting took part Project Coordinator - Head of the Department of Applied Psychology Nataliya Guba, associate professor Viktoriya Ovsyannikova, attorney of Zaporizhzhya Regional Bar Association Nataliya Budovska, teachers and students of the Faculty of Law and Faculty of SPP.

At the meeting were presented the results of an independent practice and scientific work of students. Speakers reviewed the capabilities and features of the use of elements of psychological analysis in law.
Head of the Department of Applied Psychology Nataliya Guba welcomed and introduced the guests and speakers of the event. With their reports performed representatives of two sectional branches - "Psychology" and "Law".
So, Law Faculty students presented their results concerning the practical application of the methods of psychology industry by law experts. Dariya Stepanchenko paid attention to the "Psychological characteristics of serial killers", using examples from American and national criminal cases. Sergiy Tyapkin told those present about the psychological aspects of communication during the search, the specifics of the investigator, etc.. Olexandra Maksymenko demonstrated features of using tactical and psychological methods in the work of investigator.
Students of the Faculty of SPP, in turn, outlined "Psychological characteristics of the victim" and noted that almost half of people who are victims of crime are to blame because, they were drunk or lead immoral lifestyle. On the specifics of the application of knowledge of child psychology in the survey of children - child witness - told Alina Melnikova. Other reports were devoted to aspects of the use of law knowledge in psychology, particularly in working with adolescents, the different categories of victims, etc..
Materials of reports entered into the collection of scientific works of students "Actual Problems of Psychology in the practice of law." The collection of essays opens student of the Faculty of Law Alina Rudchenko "Connection of law and psychology." The main purpose of the event, which was organized for future professionals the opportunity to become independent during practical research to get acquainted with the principles of the formation of psychological culture of lawyers who would then directed by them to improve the efficiency of legal activity.

Olena Khlystun

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