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In ZNU conducted the conference of staff members of ZNU

18.12.2013 12:08 конференція трудового колективу

December 17 in Zaporizhzhya National University held the conference of staff members, during which Rector of ZNU, professor Mykola Frolov reported on the work of our higher educational institution over the last year.

At the beginning of the meeting, delegates of the staff members of our university elected a presidium consisting of Rector Mykola Frolov, First Vice-Rector of ZNU Olexander Bondar, Head of the Trade Union Borys Pavlovsky and Head of the Student Council Anton Osadchuk.
In his report Mykola Frolov underlined that for him – special honor to manage such a reputable institution of higher education as Zaporizhzhya National University. «I understand very well all the responsibility for development of University entrusted to me and trying, in order, our University daily approaching to our common goal - the transformation of ZNU on regional University of European level», - stressed Mykola Oleksandrovych.
He reminded the audience of the main achievements of University in 2013, including the fact that 10 specialties have passed licensing, and 12 - received accreditation at various levels despite the fact that the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine significantly increased requirements for these procedures. Furthermore, Mykola Oleksandrovych stressed the success of entrance campaign: the number of entrants, who have chosen this year for higher education just our university is the largest in the past decade. Also in his report dealt with the improvement of information support of educational process, expanding international cooperation of ZNU, improving research activities of the teaching staff of our university, the growth of its human resources, social security of teachers, staff and students, etc..
In his speech, Mykola Oleksandrovych shared with those present with the plans of the leadership of the university for the next year: in particular he mentioned the modernization of Scientific Library, sports facilities improvements of ZNU, planned repair work on the biological station and health center on the Khortytsya island, encouraging scientists to create manuals labeled with MES, the revitalization of Representatives of ZNU on obtaining international research grants and more. Also in his speech, he noted that with a full version of the Rector's report everyone can get acquainted on the website of Zaporizhzhya National University.
Present at the event, delegates of the staff members unanimously voted to recognize the work of the Rector Mykola Frolov satisfactory and approve his report.
Next, before those present at the event performed the Head of Trade Union Committee of our university Borys Pavlovsky and Rector Mykola Frolov, reported on the conditions of the collective agreement.
So, Borys Pavlovsky noted that between management and the Trade Union Committee of our university established fruitful cooperation, so the university respected items of the Collective Agreement, adopted in 2013-2017. In ZNU were doing their best to ensure the social protection of workers and university students, as success of the Trade Union Committee of our university this year noted at the national level.
Head of the Law Department Olga Kulinich in her speech considered the issues, such as making amendments to the Collective Agreement and the Internal Regulations of the University, approval of the new edition of Zaporizhzhya National University Charter and changing its name, as well as amendments to the Commission on labor disputes.
The new version of the University Charter was adopted at the Scientific Council of ZNU November 26 and posted on the university website where, with it could get acquainted and contribute to its completion all comers. Therefore, during the Conference of staff members, after following small adjustments, it delegates voted for the adoption of the proposed amendments.
Recently, before the participants of the event performed Head of Section on Legal Aid to studentship of Student Council of ZNU Ivan Shumeyko, reported on approval of new edition of Regulations on Student Government at our university. The need for amendments to the Regulations on Student Government, Student Council members of ZNU discussed in May of this year. For the legitimacy of the new version of the document had to approve and delegates of the Conference of staff members.
On completion of the meeting work, its Head – First Vice-Rector of ZNU Olexander Bondar – thanked those present for their fruitful work.

Tamila Tarasenko

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