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In the Faculty of Biology repaired Department of Chemistry

20.01.2014 13:51 All Faculties Biology Біологічний факультет Ремонтно-будівельні роботи

According to the strategic plan for the reconstruction of Zaporizhzhya National University, the execution of which is under the personal supervision of the Rector of ZNU, Professor Mykola Frolov, in the 3rd academic building was completed renovation of the Department of Chemistry (room 301).

According to Dean of Biological Faculty, professor Lyudmyla Omelyanchyk, to the beginning of repairing works, Department's premise was in an emergency condition: during the overlap of the roof shell was flooding its ceiling, and on one wall of the audience there was mold. So, throughout the academic building, where located Biological Faculty, this room most in need of repair.
During the repairing works builders fully upgraded premises: made ​​hinged ceiling, pasted wallpapers, strawed new linoleum, replaced batteries. Also on the Department brought new furniture. And now, at the end of the repair works, all of its employees work in a modern and comfortable conditions.

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