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Continued renovation works at 3rd and 4th academic buildings of ZNU

27.01.2014 12:38 All Faculties Biology Ремонтно-будівельні роботи біологічний факультет

In Zaporizhzhya National University continues extensive renovation works on several objects at once. Indeed, one of the priorities of our university is to update the material and technical basis and create normal conditions for studies and work.

Despite the ongoing construction and repair work already looming features of more contemporary and comfortable rooms, laboratories and auditoriums.
Last summer, in 3rd academic building, where located the Faculty of Biology of ZNU, held a series of works on the reconstruction of basement of this building. There was a complete replacement of floors, pipes of hot and cold water etc.. During the first academic semester there were currently ongoing works on replacement the tiles on the floor, repair and covering walls, ceilings, replacement of wiring and signaling. It is also planned to replace the windows and doors of the basement.
There is a complete modernization of the premises and corridor on the ground floor of 4th academic building. Now here works repair and construction team for maintenance and supply, which restores plaster ceiling, holds painting and other works. After the reconstruction, these premises will expand auditorium funds of the Faculty of Physical Education.

Olena Khlystun

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