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Discussing and share experiences with colleagues!

10.02.2014 11:50 All Faculties Foreign Philology ФІФ

Teachers of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of ZNU renewed work of workshops. So, last week associate professor of English Philology Olena Luzhanytsya shared experiences with colleagues using innovative technologies in teaching English phonetics.

Olena Ivanivna began the meeting with a discussion about the features of the phonetic material of the initial stage of learning different languages.
The work of the master class continued through practical materials. The author has demonstrated the possibility of using online resources in the classroom with phonetics and methods of work with them. After a brief overview of online material Olena Ivanivna provided to colleagues the opportunity to practice with the programs she uses for teaching phonetics while working with students in a multimedia class.
Despite the fact that during the master class has been an example of the innovative technologies in teaching English phonetics namely, the material has caused great interest also the teachers of other languages ​​studied at the Faculty.
Participants once more stressed the need for such workshops to exchange experiences of teaching.

Hanna Vanina,
associate professor of the Department of Teaching Second Language

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