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Contest for the best expressions of love - from students of ELC

14.02.2014 13:11 All Colleges and branches Economics and Law College Економіко-правничий коледж День святого Валентина

In honor of St. Valentine's Day in Economics and Law College of ZNU held a number of thematic competitions, and were prepared numerous congratulations to teachers and students.

Organized these festive events activists of Students' Council of the ELC, led by Stanislav Kondratenko. First, students visited classrooms where all are welcomed on the occasion and gave "Valentine cards". On this day in college working also a students' mail for lovers, and anyone could greet his or her beloved with St. Valentine's Day, or just in such a way express their sympathies and feelings, which by that time were hesitant to speak.
Different groups of students in advance prepared for contest of wall newspapers, which was also devoted to the theme of love. Happy Valentine's Day, love poems, or even a humorous look at the theme of love created a festive mood all who approached the board of wall newspapers.
Contest for the best declaration of love brought together those who had intended to open up their feelings to their "second half", as their poetic talents to demonstrate the strength of their feelings. On this day, lovers were not the only answer to sense, but also some prizes.
During the long break identified the winners. They are Anna Shtefan (1st year, specialty "Social Work"), who received the sweet prize for the best poetic declaration of love, and Maryna Bandura (2nd year, specialty "Social Work") – for a better wall newspapers.

Olena Khlystun

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