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In ZNU was held a presentation of books of the young writer Bohdan Kolomiichuk

13.03.2014 15:23 All Faculties Philology Філологічний факультет презентація книги

Today in ZNU met with the young prose writer Bohdan Kolomiichuk. He presented his book - the novel "Lyudvysar. Games of nobles" and a collection of short stories "Eve's secret" and talked with students and teachers of the Faculty of Philology.

Bohdan Kolomiichuk for the first time in Zaporizhzhya, so at the beginning of the meeting, he spoke briefly about himself. Born in Khmelnytsk, he lives since 2001 in Lviv. In his works, the writer describes the events that are directly associated with the history of this city. His first education - a physicist by profession, graduated from Lviv University of I. Franko - allow a deeper approach in his works to research and historical reconstruction, particularly in the depiction of natural phenomena and architectural details.
The author also talked about working on a novel and a collection of short stories. Both books published by "Folio" (Kharkiv). "Lyudvysar. Games of nobles" was awarded the Grand Prix "Coronation speech" in 2013. The author defines the genre of his work as a historical and adventurous, which is approximately equal ratio intertwined medieval history (the events of the second half of the sixteenth century) and the author's fiction. The novel takes place in Lviv that time, and the work has multiple storylines. This vicissitudes witch hunt related to the struggle between religion and science, and the relationship between the princes persons - Polish King Sigismund II-misogynist and a representative of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Constantine Ostrog. The author allegedly arguing with the other authors of historical novels, including Vsevolod Solovyov ("Princess Ostrozhskaya"), Pavlo Zahrebelny and others.
When writing essays read by many archives and even started to learn German - the language of many historical documents of the period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In addition, he visited a number of medieval castles and architectural monuments of Western Ukraine to depict images of contemporary buildings (Ostrog castle Nevytsky, etc.). In addition, while in Zaporizhzhya, Bohdan Kolomiichuk first saw some examples of weapons in private collections of the Museum of the history of arms. However, the author often quite freely uses the historical accuracy of the facts considered valid for the opportunity of author's opinion in favor of the accuracy of the storyline events in works of art.
The collection of short stories "Eve's secret" is divided into two parts: the detective stories under the title "Grace furies" and adventurous - "Ringtone to quintet". To interest readers Bohdan Kolomiichuk reported some facts used it when creating stories "Nymphs pain" and "Eve's secret". The first part of the book is written on the basis of archival materials on criminal cases that are investigated in Lviv in the early twentieth century. In the works are also used research historical buildings of the city.
In conclusion, Bohdan Kolomiichuk answered questions from students and teachers of ZNU.

Olena Khlystun
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