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Volodymyr Morhun - modern Ukrainian Skovoroda

19.03.2014 14:30 Наукова бібліотека ЗНУ Всеукраїнські Моргуновські читання

Today in the reading room of the Scientific Library of ZNU held the IV All Ukrainian Morhunovski reading on "Phenomenology of research and creation in the history of Ukraine F.T.Morhun's literary heritage" and display author's book Fedor Morgun and his son Volodymyr Morhun. Event was attended by teachers and students of the Faculties of Journalism and Social Pedagogics and Psychology, as well as library staff. Event coordinator - Director of the Scientific Library Valentyna Gerasymova.

The event dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of famous, but still little-known Ukrainian scientist, agrarian and philosopher Fedor Morhun. To ZNU had made their way to a meeting Head of the Department of Psychology of Poltava National Pedagogical University named after V.G. Korolenko, professor Volodymyr Morhun, Vice Rector for scientific and pedagogical, strategic development and innovation activities of Dnipropetrovsk University named after Alfred Nobel, Ph.D. in Engineering Serhiy Kholod, Deputy Chairman of the NGO "Foundation of Good Deeds" Oleksandr Karchevskyi, and also Head of the Centre for Ecological Culture of Zaporizhzhya Nataliia Pichkur.
The participants were presented Fedor Morgun's book "Where are you going, Ukraine? National idea, native language and Ukrainian woman", "Immortal soul of Ukraine", "Ukraine's choice - saving nature and the countryside" and others. In academic and journalistic work, the author described the history of formation of Ukraine through the prism of his own life and work: rise of environmental issues and environmental management and ecology of the human soul that resonate with the teachings of Volodymyr Vernadsky's noosphere. In addition, Fedir Morhun paid much attention to the national idea of the mother tongue and making popular Ukrainian women - mothers, heroines and bees. Almost all his life he worked in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan, cherishing the fertile lands of these areas, and wrote a series of books, leaving descendants covenant of agricultural and environmental land use revival.
During the meeting, the son of Fedor Morhun - Ph.D. in Psychology Volodymyr Morhun - presented to students also own books on psychology. Among them - "Essentials of psychological diagnosis", "Qualifying research papers in psychology: course, Bachelor's, Master's works", etc., written in collaboration with colleagues. Created by Victor Zhenchenko recollection of his father Volodymyr Fedorovych entitled "Ukraine catching Fedor Morhun and not caught" points directly to the parallels between the world view of Hryhoriy Skovoroda and Ukrainian thinker of the twentieth century - Fedor Morhun.
At the end of the event guests donated the Scientific Library of ZNU for about 20 books Fedor Morgun and his own works.

Olena Khlystun

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