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In the MES of Ukraine noted the high scientific level of scientific and research work of ZNU in 2013

19.03.2014 15:55 Науково-дослідна частина наука міжнародна діяльність

In February-March 2014 the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine continues reporting campaign on the results of scientific, technical activities of higher educational institutions for 2013. A Zaporizhzhya National University - Vice-Rector for Science and Research Victor Gristchak, Head of scientific research Department Viktoriia Menyaylo and Head of scientific and organizational department of SRD Iryna Tumanova - March 13 at the Department of Scientific Activity and Education of Ukraine presented the Licensing academic achievement of ZNU last year.

Among the scientific achievements and current events of ZNU in 2013, first noted the following:
- the scientific potential of the university is 73 doctors, professors and 438 candidates of sciences. Compared to last year, the number of candidates has increased by 1,5%, doctors of sciences - by 12%;
- during the 2013 open 3 new specialized scientific councils for the defense of the thesis for the degree of Ph.D. in Economics, Philology and Philosophy;
- defended 34 Ph.D. and 12 doctoral theses;
- opened a new specialty in the doctorate;
In the presentation also discussed the practical use of research results, their innovation and commercialization focus:
- In the reporting year, much attention is paid to the practical use of research results, as a result the number of scientific and technical products put into production increased by 70% compared to last year;
- on order individuals and entities completed 29 self-financing research projects, 24 of which are signed for 2013, which is twice more than the previous year, revenues from performing business agreements increased by 17% compared with 2012;
- the most powerful customers of the university research output were JSC "Motor Sich", JSC "Zaporizhstal", PJSC "Dniprospetsstal" Regional Fund of entrepreneurship in Zaporizhzhya region of "Cultural center "Khortytsya", KZ "Vasylivka Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve "Manor of Popov" Zaporizhzhya region, a number of hunting farms in Rivne, Volyn and Kherson regions and SE "Design Bureau "South", which signed a long-term agreement on scientific cooperation for 2013-2020 years;
- ZNU researchers submitted 25 patent applications, received 24 security documents, which is much higher than previous years;
- Among the most important results of the research university in the reporting year, it should be noted as:
- the automated system and application package on the calculation of structures made ​​of composite materials based on transversely isotropic properties of structural components that were used in the BC "South" for the design of power elements of space systems;
- for the purpose of promotion of innovative activities of the university, providing technology transfer and commercialization of research results December 1, 2013, the Center for Technology Transfer of Zaporizhzhya National University;
- signed agreement to join ZNU the National and Ukrainian-Russian Technology Transfer Network, on sites that contain technology offers scientists of ZNU, received certificates authorized administrator of University segment NTTN and Technology Certificate Manager NTTN.
The biggest achievement of the University International scientific cooperation should include the following:
- among 26 international projects with a total revenue of 500 thousand UAH, who attended university during 2013, primarily is to provide: - two projects of European Erasmus Mundus program of energy efficiency technologies (project "Elektra") and Humanities (project "Humeriya"), the total budget which is 3.9 and 3.5 million euro respectively;
- the first ever project of the University of the Seventh Framework Programme for Information Technology «Pyrses SemData».
Also it should be noted that in 2013:
- Faculty of Journalism won two major grants for the development of laboratory digital terrestrial television. According to the Fund support the development of the media at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and the International Fund Renat Akhmetov was acquired unique equipment total cost of approximately 200 thousand UAH;
- Faculty of Economics in collaboration with the University of Economics in Katowice (Poland) and other European universities received grants Vyshegrad Fund at the International Congress of Young Economists in Sunny Beach (Bulgaria);
- at the Physics Faculty established teaching and research laboratory astrophysics, whose activities started in cooperation with the Crimean Astronomical Observatory in order to attract ZNU to participate in an international project to study solar activity «e-Callisto» and the establishment of a second station of ZNU international network for the implementation of international ground-space project of the Institute of Astronomy in Switzerland;
With regard to scientific publications representatives of ZNU report, stated that:
- University is the founder of 16 scientific books, 12 of which are included in the list of specialized academic editions of Ukraine;
- signed a contract with Elzevir access to international Scientometrics database SCOPUS, in which the University is now 58th out of 155 universities represented in the rankings;
- the results of scientific work published in 2013, the highest number of publications compared to previous years, including: books - 63 (2012 - 52, 2011 - 36), manuals and handbooks - 188 (2012 - 188, 2011 - 170), of which labeled with MES - ​​41 (2012 - 35, 2011 - 18), articles in foreign journals - 155 (2012 - 95, 2011 - 75).
The most important conference and exhibition, which was attended by staff and students of ZNU, there were such:
- representatives of the administration of ZNU participated in all international conferences which were held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for the heads of higher educational institutions, including the International scientific-practical conference "International cooperation of universities as an integral part of the innovative development of higher education" (Chernivtsi, May 16-18, 2013), where the Rector of ZNU Mykola Frolov made a plenary report and the International Ukrainian-Japanese Conference on Scientific and Industrial Cooperation (Odessa, 24-25 October 2013), where, during the research and development have been presented Zaporizhzhya National University;
- in general during the reporting year the University took part in 15 different trade fairs, particularly in the VI International specialized exhibition-conference "Composites and fiberglass" in the tenth specialized exhibition of energy technology, industrial electronics and electrical engineering "Energy - 2013", the XXIV International Specialized Exhibition "Education and Career, which won the Grand Prix in the category "Best Design of the official site of higher educational institution".
The scientific work of students and young scientists was presented in the presentation by the following facts:
- in 2013, the University has the largest in recent years, the number of winners of international and national student research competition and - 41 (2012 - 35, 2011 - 27);
- ZNU for the second consecutive year made ​​the basic institution of higher education for the All-Ukrainian student research contest in the specialty "Biology" and designed the basic institution for the next year with the All-Ukrainian student research contest of social pedagogics;
- There are traditional in the VI Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Young Science-2013", which is a business card society of SCSP, was attended by about 900 young scientists of the university and the region, papers were published in 5 volumes;
- received a grant of the President of Ukraine for young scientists in the amount of 60 thousand UAH. The report of the research work of ZNU were awarded the following measures to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of scientific work;
- for implementation by MES order from 15.04.2013, № 438 "On the reporting campaign on scientific and technical activities of universities and research institutions in 2012", and decisions of international scientific and practical conference "Effective technologies of training and education in the context of the Bologna Process "(Makiyivka, 18-19 April 2013) and "International cooperation of universities as an integral part innovative development of higher education" (Chernivtsi, May 16-18, 2013) developed and adopted Plan of measures of Zaporizhzhya National University to enhance research work, improving the efficiency of academic training and further develop international Cooperation;
- at a meeting of the Academic Council of ZNU presented the question "On re-academic editions of ZNU and perspectives of their output in international research and information space", following consideration by a decree of the Rector for the preparation of scientific publications in the university to re-registration of MES of Ukraine and their inclusion in international scientometric database data;
- for pursuant of an order of MES of Ukraine from 17.06. 2013 № 784 on the implementation of training and the publication of scientific articles in journals included in the international scientometric databases in Zaporizhzhya National University:
- developed a concept of learning foreign languages ​​by teachers and students of the University;
- 2013 introduced individual rating evaluation results of the scientific research activities of faculty members, under which first held a university competition "Best Scientist of the Year".
Presentation of scientific achievements of Zaporizhzhya National University (which can be viewed on the website of MES of Ukraine to:
) was of special interest to the audience. Department of research, and licensing noted the high scientific level of the results of research of Zaporizhzhya National University in 2013 despite a significant reduction in funding for research universities in the reporting year.
Given the good results of scientific work over the past year, we express our sincere gratitude to all the researchers of the University, whose daily hard work multiply gains native university.

Viktoriia Meniailo,
Head of Scientific Research Department of ZNU

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