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In ZNU celebrated World Poetry Day

24.03.2014 10:28 All Faculties Philology Філологічний факультет Наукова бібліотека творчий вечір

For students of the Faculty of Philology of ZNU has become a tradition celebrating World Poetry Day, which was established on 30 session of the General Assembly of UNESCO (Paris, 1999). The main purpose of the event - the promotion of linguistic diversity and language support, which disappear with the help of poetry. For several years the young poets of Zaporizhzhya National University, do not stay away from this holiday.

March 21, they gathered in the hall of Philological Sciences Scientific Library of ZNU to present their creative work to all lovers of poetry who had visited the event. Holiday united very different authors, so their verses marked diversity: some read citizenship lyrics, others - love and philosophy. Do not avoid a humorous poems, which are also very pleased with the audience.
Total, the World Poetry Day was attended by over 20 young poets and students, including postgraduates of Philology Faculty and freshmen. Thy poetry shared with the audience Alina Chilii, Liudmyla Yehorova, Tetiana Didenko, Olena Pasievin, Tim Khofman, Viktoriia Matvieieva, Diana Ramazanova, Anna Karchevska, Alona Rybalko and others.
Participants expressed the hope that next year in the event of World Poetry Day will participate more young poems of our university.

Alina Poliakova,
Head of SCSP of the Faculty of Philology

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