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In ZNU completed this year's free trial trainings on passing External independent testing

31.03.2014 11:52 Зовнішнє незалежне оцінювання тренінги профорієнтаційна діяльність

March 30 in Zaporizhzhya National University was held the final stage of this year's free trainings on passing External independent testing. On Sunday ZNU visited about 960 entrants, who wanted to to test their knowledge on the history of Ukraine and more than 60 entrants who participated in the trial testing of world history.

We remind that during the March on Sunday, in ZNU was held free trial tests in all subjects included in the list of External independent testing. These trainings are conducted on the basis of our university for the sixth consecutive year and is very popular among the entrants of the city and the region. So, this year to participate in the trial EIT expressed a desire for more than 7 thousand people.
According to Head of the Preparatory Department of ZNU Iryna Bakalenko, most of entrants are not limited to participation in a training session, and comes to trial tests of all disciplines they have chosen to undergo External independent testing. Therefore, the participants not only promptly evaluate their level of knowledge and identify the topics for study and repetition which should focus over the next two months, but may in the future prevent stress while participating in a real EIT.
So, Iryna Mykolayivna said that future entrants who had a month to participate in several trainings, observed discipline also without reminders follow all the requirements imposed on the participants during their trial testing.
In addition to being visually acquaint entrants with all the features of procedure writing EIT, they also get practical advice on how to most effectively prepared for external testing and overcome stress during the actual testing. In addition, each time with all high school students attended the trainings staff and students of our university conducted vocational work: students learn more about the features of entrance the ZNU and training in various Faculties and the prospects that opened before graduates of our university.
As for the effectiveness of participation in trial EIT, we asked those students who passed the first test, as they assess the level of complexity of the proposed tasks, and that's what we heard in response:
Yuliia Slavna, Zaporizhzhya comprehensive school № 15:
- I am studying in a specialized class of in-depth study of history, in addition, attend annual training courses attached to the university, thus the task seemed to me not too difficult. While I, of course, a lot of time to prepare, including repetition of the dates of important historical events. Also, I noticed that the tests were a lot of questions related to the history of the twentieth century, so I think in addition to repeat this period. History of Ukraine for me - a necessary subject because I want to join the Law Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University.
Kostiantyn Hordiichenko, Zaporizhzhya comprehensive school № 69:
- A few weeks I intensively prepared to undergo tests in the history of Ukraine, and therefore was not nervous before exams. Today's task seemed to me not very complicated: I spent less on their resolving 135 minutes (time for trial EIT). Though, of course, I discovered for myself the issues over which should still work. For me is very necessary certificate from the history of Ukraine with the highest possible score, so I'm glad that I could to find out what to look for when preparing to pass the corresponding EIT.

Tamila Tarasenko

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