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Biologists of ZNU celebrated the Day of the Faculty

01.04.2014 16:03 All Faculties Biology Біологічний факультет день факультету

April 1 teachers and students of the biological faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University staged a celebration of the Day of the Faculty, in which were held competitions of wall newspapers, sweet goods and products from a dough of water and salt.

In preparing the celebration was attended by students of all specialties and specializations of the Faculty. They prepared a colorful wall newspapers about the Faculty's life, extraordinary pastries and cakes that all participants could be purchased for a nominal fee. And the money raised during the festival will be passed to Zaporizhzhya pupils of the boarding school № 3.
The best product in the category with the dough «Hand made» was chosen job of Kateryna Milevska, and best confectionery cake was selected in the "Biological Faculty flowerbed" 1st year students of specialty "Ecology" Maria Petrunina. Also were marked cakes of 3rd year students of specialty "Chemistry" in the "Book Cake", 3rd year students of specialty "Landscape Gardening" as "Spring Symphony", 3rd year students of specialty "Biology" in the nomination "XY chromosome", 1st year students of specialty "Chemistry" as "Banana rainbow" and their fellow students in the "Student's laziness".
And in wall newspapers contest winners were 1st year students of specialty "Chemistry".
Next to the visitors, including not only students but also faculty, staff and alumni of the Biological Faculty of ZNU, expecting a grand part. At the the beginning welcomed the participants addressed the First Vice-Rector Oleksandr Bondar. He welcomed the Dean, faculty and students on the occasion and wished the Biological Faculty of further prosperity and success, as this Faculty is considered one of the best in Ukraine training specialists of biology. Welcomed all present Dean of the Faculty of Biology Liudmyla Omelianchyk, Rector’s Assistant on Educational Work Nataliya Voronova, who was awarded the best students for their active participation in sports, social and civic life of the Faculty with valuable gifts and letters. Were awarded students of the Biological Faculty who took prizes in competitions of Ukrainian and university levels. In turn, Dean of the Faculty of Biology Liudmyla Omelianchyk congratulated her colleagues and students with the Faculty's Day. Summing up the scientific work of representatives of the Faculty, she noted the activities of teaching and research center for "Ecology", which has a number of contractual topics with test water and food, as well as the Laboratory for life landscaping, hunting and fishing grounds, throughout Ukraine. In addition to contractual issues at the state budget Faculty conducted research on the following topics: "The impact of heavy metals on the environment and living organisms", "Creating biologically active compounds including N-and S-derivatives azoheterocycles. The results of this research are used in different sectors of the economy, namely the laboratories of "Vitacenter", enterprise "Motor Sich", as well as scientific and educational processes of specialized departments of universities Ukraine.
It should be noted that scientific and methodical work on Faculty is conducted at a high level. Faculty of Biology supports research links with more than 20 institutions and organizations abroad. The scientists of Faculty publish their works in foreign scientometric publications. Thus, in 2013, published 38 teaching development, including 10 textbooks, 7 teaching aids, 2 training manuals approved by MES. Also during 2013 received 14 patents, published 71 articles in professional journals, 4 articles impact factoring in foreign journals. Besides, doctoral candidate of the Biological Faculty Volodymyr Sarabyeyev, scholarship of MES of Ukraine, will undergo training at the University of Curie (France), and Natalia Rubtsova (Ph.D. in Biology, associate professor) won a grant from the Fund "Karnahi" and passed training in the U.S.A. The experience of leading foreign universities is proposed to implement in the Faculty of Biology of ZNU and a volunteer service to provide career development for students.
The official part of the event was accompanied by vocal performances by students at the end of the holiday and invited all alumni, teachers, and guests had the opportunity to socialize and enjoy a great cake prepared by students.

Olena Pereverzieva

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