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Faculty of Economics opened a new specialty 8.18010017 "Environmental Economics and Natural Resources"

08.04.2014 10:04 All Faculties Economy Економічний факультет

Modern trends in economic reforms in Ukraine aimed at the rational use of available resources and the formation of environmental safety at the entity level and the state. Effective management of economic and environmental processes requires completely new approaches and methods for forming economic and ecological safety and environmental management, and it remains a major challenge for humanity present and future.

To society are challenged to provide economic and environmental priorities, namely the protection of the existing quality; integrated planning and land use; careful handling with sensitive ecosystems balanced regional development; careful handling of stimuli ecosystems; harmonic support agricultural development; conservation of biological diversity; environmentally sound management of biotechnology; the protection of the atmosphere; environmentally safe management with solid waste, toxic chemicals; implementation of scientific and technological innovation and innovation development path as the main factor for sustainable economic development; active agricultural policy; strengthening environmental conditions for a deep restructuring of social services; establishment of mechanisms to ensure reliable security for both final stabilization of the economy, but also create the necessary preconditions for its accelerated growth.
The social component of the economy of natural resources reflects the size and degree of satisfaction of the population's needs, taking into account the quality and cost of natural resources and their use, etc.).
Among the social priorities need to identify the following:
– preservation and growth of the intellectual potential of the nation, the development of education;
– restructuring of the social sphere in order to prevent depletion of the population by reforming the wage system, reducing unemployment, improving of public social assistance, the introduction of compulsory state insurance.
In the environmental field:
– comprehensive development of environmental education;
– ensuring environmental safety of nuclear facilities and radiation protection and environment, minimizing the negative effects of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster;
– improvement of environmental legislation;
– improve the ecological state of rivers in Ukraine, including the Dnieper basin and quality of drinking water;
– stabilize and improve the environment in urban and industrial centers of the Donetsk-Dnieper region;
– construction of new and reconstruction of existing facilities sewage treatment plants;
– prevention of pollution of the Black and Azov Seas and improve their ecological status;
– formation of a balanced system of nature and the greening of technology in the industry, energy, construction, agriculture and transport;
– biological and landscape diversity, the development of natural reserves.
Ukrainian scientists even suggest replacing the use of the category "Indicators of Sustainable Development" at a significant - "Harmonious development indicators", which would be dominated by environmental priorities address the economic problems of the society.
The development of market relations in Ukraine, initiated the progressive deepening of reform, good governance and resource conservation aspects of the businesses in our region is not possible without preparing fundamentally new formation of skilled labor. They should have the means of justification and development of national target programs, strategies for environmental and socio-economic development of the national economy, economically and environmentally sustainable development of the region, and could take a highly professional solutions in the field of strategic planning and economic management. Given this, the MA in 8.18010017 "Environmental Economics and Natural Resources", are designed to introduce the latest achievements in the economic, environmental sciences and modern information technology to improve the efficiency of national enterprises are highly in demand in today's society.
Department of International Economics and Economic Theory started training masters in the field of "Specific categories", specialty 8.18010017 "Environmental Economics and Natural Resources" with the qualification "Specialist in Economic Modeling of Ecological Systems".
Specialist of educational qualification of Master of the specialty "Environmental Economics and Natural Resources" can do the job on:
- modeling of sustainable development of industrial and financial activity on the basis of environmental factors;
- use of the tools of effective management and its units based on environmental factors;
- management and planning of ecologically sustainable development aimed entrepreneurship;
- development and implementation of environmental and economic innovation;
- evaluation of organizational and technological level of environmental performance and environmental efficiency of enterprises;
- realization of internal environmental and economic controlling;
- implementation of environmental and economic audit of enterprises.
Specialists in this area can perform professional functions for one or more economic activities:
- in the field of environmental management in state and municipal administration of different levels;
- for businesses and organizations that use in their activities, natural resources;
- in public associations dealing with environmental protection;
- in educational institutions of all accreditation levels where subjects are taught conservation and research organizations, research themes of which is conservation activities.
According to the curriculum studied following professional disciplines: economics of environmental and natural resources management, management of natural resources, monitoring of ecological and economic systems, land use economics, energy economics, modeling and programming system characteristics in environmental technology, environmental and economic analysis of the company, environmental entrepreneurship.
A master in this area of economic training specialists accepted bachelors and specialists who have qualified for the economic, environmental, natural and engineering majors, both in our university and other educational institutions of Ukraine.

Alla Cherep,
Dean of the Faculty of Economics

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