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Young scientists of the Faculty of Law of ZNU presented the results of their research to doctors-practitioners

08.04.2014 16:32 All Faculties Law Юридичний факультет

8 April in the framework of the Day of Young Science of ZNU, Law Faculty students conducted field meeting of SCSP and Zaporizhzhya branch of Students League Lawyers Association of Ukraine to Zaporizhzhya city hospital № 7, during which they presented to discuss the results of their research on medical law, protection patients' rights, regulation of health care delivery in Ukraine.

Young scientists not only acquainted with the provisions of practitioners of modern national legal doctrine on the relevant issues, the main provisions of legal acts regulating relations in the medical field, but also tried to propose ways of improving the legal regulation of relations on the provision of health services, eliminate conflicts related to the feature of providing appropriate services to certain categories of citizens, strengthening the protection of medical workers in the current conditions of the country development.
Representatives of ZNU offered to discuss a number of proposals for possible loan positive experience of foreign countries for resolving the issues that led to a lively discussion among the medical community. The great interest among doctors raised a students presented generalized analysis of practice dealing with cases related to the quality of medical services, the protection of the rights of the medical relationship, including - in the light of regional specificity.
Students of the Faculty of Law of ZNU, staff of Zaporizhzhya city hospital № 7 led by acting Chief doctor Iu.H. Liutykh noted that the experience of such events is very useful. Participation in them allows young scientists to present results of their research to discuss background in the major practitioner community, and identify prospects for their practical use, the effectiveness of the results of such research and the basic mechanisms of extension.

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