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Determined the best works of participants' "Physical Training" section

10.04.2014 10:46 Факультет фізичного виховання «Молода наука - 2014»

During April 8-9, was held four meetings of section "Physical Education" - "Important aspects of Olympic, professional sports and medical-biological problems of physical culture and sport", "Human health and physical rehabilitation", "Important aspects of physical education" and "Recent developments in tourism development" in the conference "Young science".

The results of the meetings of all the best reports have been recognized:
- meeting "Actual aspects of Olympic, professional sports, medical and biological problems of physical culture and sport" - works of Artem Heldash ("Development of special physical qualities of rowers adolescents in the preparatory period") and Oleksandr Sydorenko ("Innovative control method of anaerobic performance of players");
- meeting "Human health and physical rehabilitation" - research of Andrii Kolodystyi on "Physical rehabilitation in infant cerebral paralysis";
- meeting "Actual aspects of physical education" - the scientific exploration of Vitalii Hubchyk on "Diagnosis of power capacity of different muscle groups of boys from 11 to 14 years";
- meeting "Modern problems of tourism" - work of Yaryna Herashchenko on "Youth Tourism in Ukraine and in the world".

Kseniia Nazarenko

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