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New achievements of physics students - members of the "Young Science 2014"

10.04.2014 15:43 Молода наука секція «Фізичні науки»

April 9-10 at the Faculty of Physics of ZNU, the work of the section "Physical Science" within the university scientific-practical conference "Young Science 2014". Students-participants of the conference produced solid work, made on the basis of serious research and thoughtful analysis.

The work was held in three sections subsections: "Physics of Metals" (Head - D.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics, professor Vasyl Hirzhon), "Applied Physics" (Head - D.Sc. in Engineering, professor Valerii Mishchenko) and "Physics of Semiconductors" (Head - Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, associate professor Oleksandr Yanovskyi).
The section "Physical Science" was attended by students of the Faculty of Physics and College of Economics and Law of ZNU, which prepared 17 scientific papers that have been recommended for publication in the collection of scientific works of students and young scientists "Young Science". Presented reports of students accompanied by a video presentation. All students' work distinguished by novelty and relevance of topics and in most studies have been very promising and may have practical implementation.
During the session, teachers learned about the theoretical and experimental developments and calculations of students asked the question and advised some students to continue their research, refine and reformat the presentation.
The authors of the best works during the final plenary session will be marked by the Rector's gratitudes.

Olena Pereverzieva

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