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In ZNU launched a contest of amateur performances "Students' Spring 2014"

15.04.2014 12:46 Конкурс Центр культури ЗНУ

April 14 in Zaporizhzhya National University was held the first qualifying day of the Annual Competition of amateur performances students of 1st-5th years "Students' Spring 2014", organizer - Cultural Center of ZNU.

On the first day of the festival creative work teams demonstrated their talents of Economics and Law College, as well as Mathematical, Physical and Law Faculties.
Opened contest "Students' Spring 2014" representatives of Economics and Law College of ZNU. They dedicated their performance of animated film "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen". College students demonstrated modern dance and vocal performances. However, most members of the audience and the jury liked gymnastic performance of students in ELC and incredibly funny story of Baron Munchausen performed by Vladyslav Kondratenko.
The Faculty of Physics presented the audience a new interpretation of the children's fairy tale "Kolobok". Each mythical character with this tale performed by students of the Faculty of Physics presented a vocal number. But the biggest surprise of spectators able "Bunny" performed by Oleksandra Yatsenko, who described the difficult tongue twister "Liguria".
Law Faculty students dedicated their performance of the cartoon "Three Heroes". They not only gave viewers the vocal and dance numbers, but also charged the public good mood thanks to the funny jokes of Club of the witty and creative. The highlight of the performance of members of the Law Faculty has become a game in a variety of musical instruments: saxophone, violin, drums, synthesizer and guitar.
The last came on the scene the students of the Faculty of Mathematics. The topic of their presentation was the fairytale "Fly-chirper". Special impression at those present had, of course, the vocal performances are known in our university students of the Faculty of Mathematics Viacheslav Kamenshchikov, Lolita Ehbereku and Yuliia Morozova.
It should be noted that in this year mathematicians surprised of spectators and the jury philosophical answer the question "What is happiness?" And original choreographic performances.
Qualifying round of the festival "Students' Spring 2014" will last for three days, during which will identify talented ZNU students. Today, students will demonstrate their talents the following Faculties: Philology, Social Sciences and Administration, as well as Social Pedagogics and Psychology.

Olena Yaroshenko

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