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The Rector of ZNU Mykola Frolov met with freshmen of all Faculties

24.04.2014 10:36 Університет ректор зустріч

April 23 the Rector of Zaporizhzhya National University, professor Mykola Frolov met with first-year students of all Faculties of our university. The event was also attended by representatives of the administration of ZNU, Deans and representatives of the teaching staff of our university. During the meeting, Mykola Frolov not only told freshmen about the main directions of further development of our higher education, but also give answers to all questions relevant to students.

At the beginning of the event the Rector Mykola Frolov thanked the students for that last year, during the entrance campaign, they, along with their parents have opted for Zaporizhzhya National University, and hoped that the training in the first year allowed them to verify the correctness of their decision . Also Mykola Frolov told those present at the meeting why he initiated this event: «You are entitled to know about the main directions of development of Zaporizhzhya National University, because, in my opinion, the university - is primarily institution where students study, so the efforts of ZNU focused on providing quality educational services and creating a comfortable conditions of training. Besides, your life for the next four years connected with our university, so each one of you also must be directly involved in its further development».
The priority directions of our university Mykola Frolov, first of all, took its modernization and transformation of ZNU to the regional university of European model. One of the important steps in implementing this concept into practice is a new program of learning foreign languages ​​(especially - English) which will be implemented in the educational process from September 1 this year. According to it, 1st-4th year students will study a foreign language, except for students magistrates will be based specialized courses in a foreign language according to their specialization.
Also Mykola Frolov in his speech focused on the implementation of the learning process of new technologies. Thus, in our university since the beginning of a new academic year is scheduled to make electronic versions of all lectures available to students through the Internet network. In addition, Mykola Frolov shared the event on plans for further improvement of material and technical base of ZNU and improvement of its territory. He urged freshmen cherish university property, use opportunities provided by our university for sports and the development of creative abilities, as well as actively involved in campus beautification.
Finally, the Rector Mykola Frolov said that now our country is in a serious crisis situation, but any crisis if efforts are made to overcome it - a chance to reach a new, qualitatively higher level. «Our future and the future of our country depends on each of us. So hopefully we can reach a new European standard of living, and Ukraine in the future, thanks to our efforts to become a powerful and developed country», – emphasized Mykola Frolov.
After that, students were able to ask all the questions that concern them, and get a clear answers. So, they wanted to know whether it is possible to combine work and study, or apply changes in the concept of learning English and the other students of senior courses, the lack of parking areas for bicycles and smoking on campus and more. Freshmen also posed several questions about social security: will promptly and fully paid scholarship; about tuition raise; can the university provide a place in a hostel for all comers? To this Rector Mykola Frolov said that our university able to provide timely payment of scholarships to continue; tuition does not raise, because it adheres to this policy ZNU for four years. In addition, he said that although at beginning of academic year is not easy to provide all interested places in the hostel, the issue is under the constant supervision of the administration and gradually everyone can settle back.
Also at the beginning of the event to all students reported that during the meeting will be done a protocol, which will be listed in all of their questions and suggestions to all mentioned problems will be resolve.
At the end of the event Mykola Frolov thanked those present: «For me, this meeting was as important as it is for you, I have received from you a lot of useful information, learn what issues concern students. For further fruitful development of our university it is very important to live in communication and in ability to hear your suggestions».

Tamila Tarasenko

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