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The participants of the VII Scientific Conference "Young Science 2014" received awards

25.04.2014 12:43 Молода наука – 2014 Наукове товариство студентів та аспірантів урочисте засідання

April 24 in Zaporizhzhya National University was held a solemn closure of the VII Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Young Science 2014". Discuss activists achievements scientific societies and summarize the conference brought together students from all Faculties and the College of Economics and Law of ZNU, the young scientists and teachers.

Reporting on the work of scientific societies and the results of the sessions within the university VII Conference "Young Science", with presentations made ​​by the Head of SCSP of Faculties and of Economics and Law College of ZNU, as well as their deputies. All speakers noted that students - members of their scientific societies - have worked successfully in the 2013-2014 academic year and have outstanding results. Thanks to the collaboration of scientific societies and teachers in all Faculties regularly hosts scientific workshops and All-Ukrainian conferences, roundtable discussions and meetings with renowned professionals and creative leaders, as well as various research activities which involve not only the students of our university and other universities of Zaporizhzhya and Ukraine. Separate meetings were discussed the results of scientific sessions "Young Science 2014".
Thus, in the conference at the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology for the first time held a meeting of the English academic section "Psychology in English" headed by lecturer in Applied Psychology Victoriia Hrandt. Participation in the work took 15 students of 3rd year of specialty "Psychology" and masters students.
In the section "Historical sciences" were not only students of the Faculty of History. Among the five thematic sessions (106 people) were professors, graduate students, and high school students of our city.
At the Faculty of Physical Education was held a meeting of 4 sections, in which scientists discussed the features of various sports and their impact on the human body, the development of physical skills of preschool children, school, youth and students. Participants of the conference focused on the application of innovative technologies in the tourism industry, tourism management features of Ukraine and prospects of tourism development on the Khortytsya island.
Work of Scientific Community of the Faculty of Journalism in general is working towards the development of young science under the theme "Science - it's fun", thus contributing to interest students in scientific activities.
Separately was held section's meeting "Philosophy and Religion" under the "Young Science 2014".
Heads of Faculties academic asset in details described the performance of their Departments and the research and educational activities have been conducted at the Departments of this academic year.
As a result of university conference "Young Science 2014" the authors of the best works were awarded diplomas and supervisors of young scientists were awarded commendations of the Rector of ZNU. Awards presented Vice-Rector for Science and Research Victor Gristchak.

Olena Khlystun

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