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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Candidate for President of Ukraine Olha Bohomolets: "The future of Ukraine depends on each of us"

Candidate for President of Ukraine Olha Bohomolets: "The future of Ukraine depends on each of us"

14.05.2014 16:43 Університет зустріч

May 14th candidate for President of Ukraine Olha Bohomolets met with teachers and students of Zaporizhzhya National University. According to Olha Bohomolets, the reason of her visit to our university was listening to students and teaching audiences about current political issues in order to further consider it in her political activity.

Olha Bohomolets offered those present at event to hold a meeting in the form of dialog. She stressed that appreciates their opinion, because it is a live communication helps her to determine the most important vectors of future reform and development of our country.
The main goal of reforming all spheres of the country she sees the destruction of the corrupt system and a government that would have served the people. Only under such conditions, according to Olha Bohomolets significantly improve living standards in Ukraine and its social protection.
During the event, the questions put to Olha Bohomolets teachers and students from different Faculties of ZNU. So, they were interested in the following topics: ways to reform health and education sectors; ways to overcome the crisis, which saw Olha Bohomolets; principles that should guide the formation of the government; her point of view on the future of the Crimea, what difficulties helped shape her character etc..
In conclusion, the Rector of ZNU Mykola Frolov thanked Olha Bohomolets for interesting and frank conversation, and assured the guest of university that members of ZNU able not only to critical issues, but also to constructive work for the welfare of our country.

Tamila Tarasenko

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