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Vice-Rector for Maintenance and Supply Serhiy Kushnir held a lecture on energy saving

27.05.2014 10:49 Зустріч лекція АГЧ

May 26th Vice-Rector for Maintenance and Supply Serhiy Kushnir met with teachers and students of the University for conducting outreach lectures on energy saving. The event was initiated by representatives for Maintenance and Supply, and it was organized by Rector’s Assistant on Educational Work Nataliya Voronova, members of the Educational Work Department and the Students' Council of ZNU (Head - Olha Lebedeva).

At the beginning of the event Head of the Student's Council of ZNU Olha Lebedieva thanked those present for their compassion and activity, as well as introduced and invited to the lecturer.
Serhiy Kushnir told about the implementation of energy efficiency measures through which our university has achieved a high level of energy saving: the use of scheduling and control of heating, replacing old windows with energy-efficient, installing radiator thermostats etc. Serhiy Kushnir also spoke about the activities of the Laboratory for Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Program of ZNU and energy certification of buildings "Display", which operates under the certification of buildings of ZNU by Directive 2002/91/EC standards of the European Parliament and of the Council from 16 December 2002.
Efficient use of energy resources in academic buildings and dormitories, according to Serhiy Kushnir is impossible without the cooperation of the inhabitants of the buildings and members of Maintenance and Supply of ZNU. Therefore, these meetings are very important, and all the comments and suggestions of the students will be considered. Serhiy Kushnir offered to students who live in hostels instead of summer work, to provide assistance in repairing the premises of the University hostels. And create action groups that would control the use of heat, water and other resources in hostels.
Those present at the event demonstrated the presentation (the principles of operation of heating in ZNU, statistics payments for heating in previous years, etc.) and a few cartoons about different methods and rules of saving resources.
At the end of the lecture all comers were able to ask them questions relevant to Vice-Rector for Maintenance and Supply Serhiy Kushnir and get satisfactory answers to these.

Kseniia Nazarenko

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