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The territory of ZNU now decorates "Painter's flowerbed"

27.05.2014 12:19 АГЧ клумба

Today we know a lot of ways to create flowerbeds: using old tires, garden carriages, umbrellas and more. Representatives of Maintenance and Supply of ZNU decided to keep up with the floral trend and create their own creative flowerbeds - "Painter's flowerbed".

Now on the lawn between the 1st academic building and a sports complex of ZNU merciful eyes of students, teachers and guests of our University the true floral wonder. "Painter's flowerbed" consists of four tubes of paint, of which inadvertently leak like flowers of different colors. White (2 tubes) - symbolizes innocence, purity and joy, red - love, fire, passion, and blue - loyalty, trust and infinity. Below beds all colors are mixed, showing that all the above categories are inseparable from each other, and they make up our lives.

Kseniia Nazarenko

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