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In Economics and Law College of ZNU was held Doors Open Day

10.06.2014 10:26 All Colleges and branches Economics and Law College Економіко-правничий коледж День відкритих дверей

June 8 in Economics and Law College of Zaporizhzhya National University was held Doors Open Day. Senior pupils of Zaporizhzhya schools not only able to communicate with the management, teachers and students of the college, but also participated in career guidance tests to determine which activities they tend, as well as examined of the campus excursion of ZNU. At this time, their parents received a response to a question concerning the entrance campaign, training for specific professions and monthly training courses that June 10 began their work on the basis of ELC.

Olena Hrybanova told in detailed about benefits and features of education in all specialties, including a newly licensed - "Social Pedagogics", as well as the prospects that open to college graduates.
In addition, she stressed that the college guarantees its students a full adaptation to the demands of high school. Olena Hrybanova noted that due to the concept of learning foreign languages, embedded in ZNU by the Rector Mykola Frolov, Without exception, all students during training will perfect their knowledge of foreign languages, and this, in turn, contribute to their integration into the international educational space. Also, Olena Hrybanova described the logistics of college and living conditions created by the university for the education and recreation of its youngest students.
In addition, before those present at the event were members of Economics and Law College - Ruslana Zhelezniak, Oleksandra Danilkina and Anastasiia Diachek, who highlighted in details the conditions of entrance, the course of this year's campaign, and training features on the preparatory courses.
Head of Students' Council of ELC Sofiia Marchenko shared with guests their experience entering college and studying in it, and told them about the rich and varied lives of their students years.
This information has caused great interest and many questions to the participants. Also, pupils of Zaporizhzhya region schools liked tests aimed at professional diagnostics, talking with students and tour the college campus of Zaporizhzhya National University.

Tamila Tarasenko

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