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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Representatives of the Faculty of Economics of ZNU participated in a regional business forum

Representatives of the Faculty of Economics of ZNU participated in a regional business forum

11.06.2014 10:19 All Faculties Economy Економічний факультет форум

In Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration was held a regional business forum, headed by ZRSA Head Valerii Baranov.

The event was attended by representatives of the local government: First Deputy Head of Regional State Administration Hryhorii Samardak, Deputy Head of Regional State Administration Petro Honcharuk, Mayor of Zaporizhzhya Oleksandr Sin, Deputy Head of Zaporizhzhya Regional Council Svitlana Abdurakhmanova and Head of Zaporizhzhya Regional Council of the enterprises Iryna Lekh, representatives of enterprises and organizations of different ownership forms, NGOs and all those interested in the features of business in our region. In particular, teachers and students of the Faculty of Economics of Zaporizhzhya National University.
Welcoming the participants, Valerii Baranov said that the feature of this meeting will be that it will pass without reports of Heads of government and service area, as the main speakers of the forum - representatives of business, and they are talking about existing problems.
«Our main task - to restore business confidence in the authorities, so I want to ensure that our forum was held in the following format: representatives of business announce problems that interfere with normal work and make it difficult to work, and we understand these issues and will influence the situation. Currently we have a number of developments and proposals for amendments to the legislation that will simplify doing business, but we want to include as much as possible to the work of its subjects. Following the forum will prepare a list of questions to solve the problem, but after a while all gather again and check how they are resolved. We have set up a system work to unite the efforts of government and business to create a favorable business environment», – noted in his speech Valerii Baranov. In general, the framework of the forum, the participants listened to performances by more than 20 business representatives with specific examples considered the problem of relations between entrepreneurs and representatives of regulatory and law enforcement agencies.
Great interest of those present raised by the report Director General of State Organization "Regional Fund for Entrepreneurship Support in Zaporizhzhya region" Volodymyr Stepanenko.
Lively discussion among the participants raised questions of prosecutors checks and illegal removal of commodity values​​, conducting searches and opening criminal proceedings in the prosecution, the existence of spontaneous trade, informal and undocumented fundraising with carriers of illegal checks on LDPE etc.
Also at the event discussed issues such as the complicated situation with the registration of land in the Mikhailovsky area violation of the tender process for the lease of space in the communal ownership of Zaporizhzhya and region, etc.
Following the forum adopted the draft resolution, the basis of which the decision was taken to establish a permanent dialogue and feedback between local government and business.
Thus, the regional authority is obliged to carry out systematic work to unite their efforts to create a favorable business environment and the sustainable development of small and medium enterprises in the region. Also, the authorities will implement business initiatives designed to further the social and economic development of the region, conduct regular business forums to support partnerships between government and business, and to provide concrete proposals to the central government to amend the current legislation of Ukraine concerning the development of the business environment.
Control authorities did not tolerate the pressure and commit illegal actions on the field of business entities of all types of ownership, ensure transparency and openness of the activity, conduct outreach among taxpayers on the application of the laws of Ukraine.
Business representatives will address public advisory agencies in the executive authorities and local self-government (community councils, councils of entrepreneurs, etc.) to defend the rights and legitimate interests of small and medium enterprises. They also will plan together and coordinate measures for preventing and combating corruption. When found corrupt dangerous areas and procedures they must apply to the prosecution of Zaporizhzhya region and authorities for responding. In addition, they provided specific proposals for amendments to legal acts that require immediate decision.
The participants of the Regional Business Forum invited all stakeholders in addressing the range of issues outlined for continuous public dialogue and cooperation on the development of small and medium enterprises in Ukraine.

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