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Team "Hope" of ZNU became the best in outdoor summer Cup of CWC

01.07.2014 10:59 КВК перемога

Last week in PC Metallurgists was held games of Open Cup CWC, dedicated to Youth Day and the Day of Constitution of Ukraine.

For the title of the most witty and creative in this time competed 11 Zaporizhzhya teams: "Hope" and "Youth Zaporizhzhya National Team" (Zaporizhzhya National University), "Dad was stunned", "Vector of Zaporizhzhya - Mashynka" and "Gagarin" (Zaporizhzhya National Technical University), "Cultural Capital" (Zaporizhzhya Radioelectronics College of ZNTU), the team of Zaporizhzhya Institute of Economics and Information Technology, "All your" and "Electrophoresis" (team of "Zaporizhstal") and "Young horse" (PJSC "ZTR").
Teams - both well-known to fans of Zaporizhzhya CWC, and those for whom this game was the debut on the big stage, demonstrated their talents in competitions, "Hello" and "Five jokes".
According to the results of intense struggle CWC Cup received team of Zaporizhzhya National University "Hope"; 2nd place – "Youth Zaporizhzhya National Team" (Zaporizhzhya National University) and "Young horse" (PJSC "ZTR"). 3rd place shared between "Vector of Zaporizhzhya - Mashynka" and "Gagarin" (both from Zaporizhzhya National Technical University). In addition, separately for "Best joke" noted "Youth Zaporizhzhya National Team".
The player of the winning team "Hope" Ivan Stoliarevskyi in his interview with the newspaper "Industrial Zaporozhye" said: «It was difficult to prepare, because the summer is not easy to assemble a team, but as you can see - gathered. Come forth, won, what else is needed in the CWC? It's nothing. The main thing - the emotions, it's okay, everything's cool. Thank you very much to all the spectators, thanks to those who supported us, thank you all!».

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