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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Graduates of Economics and Law College of ZNU received diplomas of junior specialists (+ photo report)

Graduates of Economics and Law College of ZNU received diplomas of junior specialists (+ photo report)

02.07.2014 13:14 All Colleges and branches Economics and Law College Економіко-правничий коледж вручення дипломів

July 1 at the premises of Zaporizhzhya Regional Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre named after V. Magara was held a solemn graduation ceremony of educational qualification of "Junior specialist" graduates of the College of Economics and Law of ZNU. In celebration yesterday visited not only college students but also their parents and family, teachers ELC, graduates of previous years, as well as special guests of the event.

This year, 130 graduates received diplomas of 7 specialties: "Jurisprudence", "Social Services", "Software Development", "Accounting", "Finance and Credit", "Physical Education", "Publishing and Editing". Among them 35 graduates received diplomas cum laude for excellent teaching and active participation in academic, sporting and cultural life of ELC.
At the beginning of the event First Vice-Recto Oleksandr Bondar congratulated the graduates and wished them success and inspiration for further education and work: «For us teachers, such events - the days when we regular graduation of our students into adulthood - that inexhaustible source of inspiration evidence that our work need all of you, all the Ukrainian people. I am sure that the knowledge you obtained while studying at the College of Economics and Law of Zaporizhzhya National University, will be a solid foundation for further improvement and build your career. So let this holiday forever remain in your memory as a reference to the first significant achievement towards gaining a prestigious higher education».
Also, Oleksandr Bondar awarded diplomas cum laude to students of all specialties.
Also during the event with Rector's of ZNU Certificates of merit for diligent education of children and for their help in the educational process were marked several parents of most honest and talented graduates.
On behalf of the parents to the teachers of the college and its graduates applied Tetiana Trotsko. She thanked the curators of groups and teachers for their hard work and a required training of high level specialists that affect the future of Ukraine. But the most students yesterday advised Ms. Tetyana worthy to bear the title of graduates of College of Economics and Law of ZNU and does not forget those who supported them in early adulthood.
In turn, teachers and parents on behalf of all of this year's graduates thanked the activists of the Students' Council of the College Sofiia Marchenko and Oleksandra Lovina. In particular, girls, addressing the graduates gathered in the hall, said that they already have much to be proud, because the successful completion of college indicates that the ELC yesterday, students are able to set a worthy goal to strive for and achieve it. They also thanked the Director of the College Olena Hrybanova, teachers and all the staff.
The organizers took care to make graduation ceremony truly memorable for all participants. At the beginning of the event in the lobby of the theater, teachers, college students and holiday guests met mimes. The evening passed in a lovely warm atmosphere, which provided not only sincere applause from the audience in the hall family and friends of graduates, but also excellent vocal soloists and dance performance Music and Drama Theatre named after Magara. Also during the event, the participants were shown videos - illustration brightest moments education and recreation student ELC photographs of this year's graduates and their curators and teachers etc.
The ceremony ended with fireworks during which the theater at the same time all this year's graduates have risen, there are rewarded with applause. After the official part of the evening, most graduates remain in the lobby to take pictures in memory of their former teachers and group mates.

Tamila Tarasenko


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