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In ZNU began additional session of EIT

01.07.2014 14:40

Today in Ukraine began additional External independent testing - 2014. According to the Decree № 721 of MES from 17.06.2014 "On additional External independent testing session in Donetsk and Lugansk regions", high school graduates who have registered to participate in the EIT should be tested in other regions of Ukraine, including in Zaporizhzhya National University.

According to the schedule of EIT today, on the basis of our university is held testing in geography. The number of registered participants tested their knowledge on the subject, was about 430 people. That day arrived to Zaporizhzhya mostly residents of Donetsk region - Donetsk, Mariupol, Donetsk, Harcizk, Makeevka and others.
Participants of EIT extra session in Zaporizhzhya today take two points - on the basis of Zaporizhzhya National University and ZNVK "Basis." In ZNU to future entrants met the representatives of the Information Center of testing EIT, provided them with the necessary advice, offered another issue of "Zaporizhzhya University" and informational materials, which contain detailed information about the conditions of testing, and the rules for admission to the various Faculties of our university and colleges and so on. Before the test was held on geography, instruction with the rules of the EIT and the behavior of the participants during the test.
On the stands near the 2nd academic building, participants could see the list and check the audience in which they held the test. Total classroom foundation, which was involved for EIT, is 29 classrooms (15 people each). Guided indoors test participants, helped instructors and special signs.
At 10.15 a.m. EIT participants began to diverge in the classroom, where there was another briefing. Testing started at 11.00 a.m. With the results of testing entrants can view their personal pages on the website of UCEQA.

Olena Khlystun