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Additional EIT on the history of Ukraine gathered 300 participants

10.07.2014 13:31 ЗНУ додаткова сесія ЗНО

Today, July 10, at Zaporizhzhya National University was held a regular session of an External independent testing of entrance knowledge quality. This time, there have been tests in the history of Ukraine.

As always, the students were waiting for representatives of the Information Center of testing EIT, which provide all necessary information, and prior to testing to all participants had a briefing on the rules of successful External independent testing and distribution in the classroom.
The observer for independent public organization "OPORA" Olesia Korotchenko noted the high level of testing and expertise of persons responsible for carrying out EIT. «As this is an additional EIT, – noted Olesia Korotchenko, – the only problem might be a delay test participants, but such cases have been reported. This is made ​​possible by established work of specialists of ZNU, including responsible for testing points in ZNU, Head of the Preparatory Department Iryna Bakalenko. At the time of EIT passing, were found no misconduct, or delays, or lack of necessary documents, etc».
Also, their impressions of the organization EIT us shared grandmother of entrant Olha Horokhovtseva (Mariupol), who visited ZNU to support her granddaughter:
- We are pleasantly surprised by the level of carrying out tests in Zaporizhzhya National University. We are also pleased with the attention and willingness to university of specialists respond to any request. We are third in ZNU - previously were tested in Russian and English, and now way to test the history of Ukraine. Admired the fact that the organizers have taken care of the smallest detail. For example, when I was ill - offered medical assistance. Also equipped facilities expectation tent with refreshments and a mini-buffet.

Kseniia Nazarenko

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