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In ZNU is ongoing preparations for the new academic year

16.07.2014 13:59 Адміністративно-господарська частина

The brigade of Maintenance and Supply Department of Zaporizhzhya National University, despite the summer holidays and vacations, is actively working on the repair of the buildings and accomplishment of territory university in order teachers and students began the new academic year in the updated classrooms and quiet campus.

During the early summer months were completed repair and construction work in the 2nd hostel and on the right wing of the 4th academic building, an auditorium which will be transferred the Faculty of Physical Education and Cultural Center of ZNU staff. In addition, over the modernization of asphalt between the 1st academic building and the sports complex of our university, and the roof of the 6th academic building and the 2nd hostel.
So, Vice-Rector for Maintenance and Supply Serhiy Kushnir noted that even before the holiday season (in May) was made permanent repair in student sports camp "Slavutich" (Kyrylivka) and the biological research station, health center on the Khortytsia island. Thus, students, teachers and staff of the University have the opportunity to make healthy in a comfortable environment for recreation of ZNU.
Now at the university continued modernization of the premises and work is underway on the improvement of campus. Thus, on the 3rd floor of the 2nd academic building of ZNU began replacing windows, doors, pipes and radiators heating system. In addition, the corridors of the housing planned replacement of old lighting system to system with motion sensors that will allow tripled energy saving.
In addition, ongoing repair and construction work in the basement of the 3rd academic building, on the ninth floor of the 4th hostel (in the areas of Internet radio "Universe") and in the dining room of the plant public catering "Tatiana Day" (1st floor).
Very soon have completed repairs to replace steps before the 1st and 5th academic buildings of ZNU.
Also, Serhiy Kushnir said the university is actively preparing for the new heating season - is flushing the heating system and check all the counters. By the beginning of the new academic year is planned to replace the radiator 100, which in winter is not enough heat rooms of the 2nd and 6th academic buildings.
In addition, there will be upgrading to the asphalt covering before the 6th academic building, replacement of 20 windows on modern plastic in the same building, renovation work continues on the 4th floor of the 2nd academic building, as well as gaming and gyms sports and recreation complex.
Serhiy Kushnir noted that all of these repairs should be completed by the end of August, so students and teachers of our university will start the new academic year in modernized classrooms and comfortable environment.

Olena Yaroshenko

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