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In Zaporizhzhya National University started creative contests

21.07.2014 16:03

Yesterday, July 21, at Zaporizhzhya National University was started creative contests for students who come to study for educational qualification level "Bachelor" by specialties "Dramatic Art", "Journalism", "Sports", "Physical Education" and "Human Health".

Test program for the specialty "Dramatic Art" consists of three tasks - implementation of literature, music and plastic testing capabilities, etude work. Entrants of specialty "Journalism" have to perform two tasks. The first - write a note, outline or text of their speech to the class meeting. The second task involves writing creative work on one of the suggested topics. Entrants of specialty "Physical Education", "Sport" and "Human Health" will judge the quality of performance of physical exercises - gymnastic, track and field athletics, physical training round. Prospective students with special needs will need to pass tests.
The first session of creative contests is as follows: "Journalism" - July 21; "Physical Education" - July 21-22; "Human Health" - July 24-25 ; "Dramatic art" - July 21 and July 24.
The second session will start this week and has such a schedule "Journalism" - July 26; "Physical Education" - July 26-27; "Human Health" - July 29; "Dramatic Art" - July 26, 29; "Sports" - July 28.
Detailed information on the entrance campaign of ZNU you can visit the official site of entrance committee of Zaporizhzhya National University–