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How not to get lost in the ranking list of entrants?

01.08.2014 14:02 All Faculties Абітурієнт Вступна кампанія Приймальна комісія

August 2 until 12:00 p.m. entrance commissions of all universities unveil the first entrants' list, recommended for enrollment to study by the state order. It can be found on the stands of entrance commissions. These lists can also be duplicated on the web pages of higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

Entrants who wish to study in the university, where they have been recommended for enrollment August 2, during the next three days – until August 4, inclusive, shall apply to the entrance commissions the original documents. Evening of August 4, the list of recommended for enrollment in the first wave of entrants adjusted - from it shall be withdrawn surnames of applicants, who have not submitted the original documents, and in their place recommend the following by rating of entrants.

The revised list shall be promulgated until 12:00 p.m. August 5. Then begins the second "wave" of enrollment, which occurs by the same mechanism - all applicants who are recommended and want to study in universities, for three days served in the selection committee their original documents. In the evening, August 7, the list is corrected by canceling the recommendations provided by those entrants who did not bring the original documents, and providing recommendations on the availability of places in the ranking of the following entrants.

Last - the third "wave" - begins at 12:00 p.m. August 8 . Those entrants who are on the list recommended for enrollment must submit the original documents to 10 August inclusive.

Due to non-compliance for acceptance all incoming that were recommending for enrollment in the third "wave" after the end of the day, the entrance commission on August 10, in the universities may remain vacant places by the state order. This case is the so-called "Contest of originals", i.e. counted the following by rating entrants, the original documents of which are already in the entrance commission. Therefore, entrants are not listed as recommended in the third "wave", but have a good competitive score and are directly under the line, be sure to bring the original documents up to August 10. If not fill the quota of the state order, such entrants will be enrolled for training by the state order. It should be noted, that the entrance commission can not deny you in acceptance of original documents August 1-10, even when you are not recommended for enrollment.

August 11 to 15:00 entrance commissions make public lists of enrolled in the budget form of education and lists recommended for enrollment for the funds of individuals and entities (contract form of education). The deadline for submission of original documents for recommended entrants each university determines its own, and therefore it is necessary to monitor this information in the the entrance commission. Enrollment by the contract form of education will last until August 18.

Information prepared by the Head of the Preparatory Department of ZNU Iryna Bakalenko

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