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ZNU students-chemists passed practice in leading laboratories of Zaporizhzhya

12.08.2014 10:33 біологічний факультет практика

Students of the Faculty of Biology returned from the educational practice, they passed this year in the company "Motor-Sich" diagnostic centers "Medlife Bio" in Zaporizhzhya Titanium-Magnesium Plant and the Institute of titanium.

Almost for a month 17 students of ZNU had the opportunity to study the latest equipment of these structures. Youth impressed by readers hardness of metals, a variety of analyzers. In these reports coming chemists describe in detail the work of each of them. For example, they are interested spectrometer for measurement of elements in different types of water - drinking, seawater, sewage, and in the air, food. Equally exciting was the impression of speed measurement process gas streams in industry control smoke emissions, determining the concentration of oil in water.
In Diagnostic Center "Medlife Bio" impressed automatic hematological, biochemical analyzers, as well as to determine the erythrocyte sedimentation rate, hemoglobin levels. By the way, the students noted that the laboratory is able to make up to 6,000 tests per day, which is important for fast and high-quality patient care.
The main task, which came before the students after they completed a study practice - is defined with specialization, which will be from the third year will leading for them. This is the "Analytical Chemistry", "Bioorganic Chemistry" and "Chemistry in the food industry".
Mariia Kantseliaryst

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