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ZNU campus becomes more cozy

10.09.2014 13:11 Ремонтні роботи енергозбереження

Every year by repairing and construction forces of maintenance and supply team, university employees and contractors conducted extensive measures to repair and maintain the campus. This summer, special attention was paid to the builders of the reconstruction of the facade and interior of the 5th academic building, the reconstruction continues on the territory of the 2nd and the 6th academic buildings.

Visiting at the beginning of the academic year the 5th academic building, staff and students of the university were impressed of exterior front door of the building. In the summer there was a fence and there was a large amount of repair work, the result of which are cast new steps, new porch covered with granite slabs and equipped with modern forged railings. Instead asphalt playground before academic building is now covered with stones.
Indoor housing also changed significantly: in the lobby of the third floor laid new oak flooring and parquet flooring in the lobby of the first floor and in the hallway of the first floor, where is the Faculty of Economics, covered with varnish. In addition, cleaners of the academic building under the direction of commandant Oksana Kovalenko made redecorating, including painted walls.
A large amount of repair work aimed at energy conservation, still continues on the third floor of the 2nd academic building (Faculty of Foreign Languages): replacement of radiators, installing energy-efficient windows and doors. Replaced with new windows and facade of the 6th academic building and near places are working with paving stone instead of the old asphalt.

Olena Khlystun

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