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At the Faculty of Foreign Languages renewed its work «Speaking club»

30.09.2014 16:27 All Faculties Foreign Philology Факультет іноземної філології студентська рада навчання

Student Government of Zaporizhzhya National University tries to encourage as many of their peers in intensive foreign languages study. Representatives not only of university Students' Council, but individual Faculties approach to the creative student community representatives argue that to study language can not only during classes, but together. Thus, at the Faculty of Foreign Languages resumed its work «Speaking club», which started its activities on the initiative of the students in the spring of the last year.

According to 3rd year student of the specialty "French Language and Literature", Head of Students' Council of the Faculty of Foreign Languages Tetiana Fanasei, language club meeting become a good tradition for the faculty. Moreover, thematic meetings are becoming more supporters. Thus, this academic year to Tetiana and her group mate, President of the International Sector of the Faculty Student Council Anastasiia Brus students approached with a proposal to expand the range of language «Speaking club»..
If the last school year club members limited their communication in English and French, the September 30, the first meeting of the club in German language. October 1st everyone can come at 14.30 to 302 audience of the 2nd academic building to speak Spanish, and on 2 October gather those who want to improve their French.
Now the vast majority of «Speaking club» - students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, but has found a student of the Faculty of Physics, who decided to attend these meetings. Last year, among the regular participants of the meeting were representatives of the Law Faculty and the Faculty of Biology.

Tamila Tarasenko

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