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At the Faculty of History continues its activity vocational students' group

13.11.2014 10:36 All Faculties History Історичний факультет профорієнтація

At the Faculty of History of ZNU vocational work carried out in several areas, much of it carried out by students. This academic year the new line-up career-oriented student group included head of the Scientific Community of Students, Postgraduates, Doctoral Candidates and Young Researchers Svitlana Liuta and student activists of senior courses Halyna Bokii, Oleksandr Horielov, Mariia Horelyk, Anastasiia Hretchenko, Kateryna Lysko, Vadym Suprunenko, Roman Pruhlo and others.

Participation of students in career guidance activities provides brightness and ease meetings - students better perceive information about student training and leisure activities, the organization of archaeological and ethnographic expeditions of the Faculty expressed a desire to join the student community of ZNU. All wishing to receive advice on preparation to the External Independent Tests and pass blitz testing to determine the level of knowledge on the history of Ukraine.
No less important this year to try to group members combine vocational presentations with elements of patriotic education. At the Faculty has developed new models of commercial advertising printed, filmed two videos of specialty of the Historical Faculty, which aired media project "I want to know everything" TRK "Zaporizhzhya".

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