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In ZNU held an extraordinary conference of students

20.11.2014 15:09 Органи студентського самоврядування закон України «Про вищу освіту» Положення про студентське самоврядування студрада

The main item on the agenda was the amendment to Regulation on the student government of our university in accordance with the requirements of the new Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education". Mandates for voting were 200 delegates - representatives of students' university.

The main changes made to the document, voiced in her report Olha Lebedieva. They are related to some financial issues (funding authorities, the relevance of membership fees), limiting the number of terms of office of its members, timing of the reporting conference, electoral conditions (threshold turnout terms of the debate) and so on. Also included some technical aspects. For example, rename the SCSP in the Scientific Community of Students, Postgraduates, Doctoral Candidates and Young Scientists. Were taken into account requirements and famous p.8.article 40 that establishes a norm of non-intervention in the affairs of administration of Students' Council. So the phrase "On demand of administration" was softened to "On request of administration". After a few minute discussion delegates voted for the decision to accept the document as a basis, and then - in general.
Was confused discussion of important innovations of the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education". They concerned scholarship changes (e.g., rating scholarships, scholarship differences between social and academic), the new rights of students to choose 25% of subjects self and others. The main idea, that the organizers tried to bring the audience pertained not remain indifferent appeal to all voiced innovations. After all, at all universities in Ukraine, which got a lot of rights to autonomy, the working group who are trying to create a model of implementation of these ideas into practice. The same group also works in ZNU. Only students from its initiatives for the end result of such activities.

Mariia Kantseliaryst

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