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In the Postgraduate Department of ZNU study representatives of foreign countries

25.11.2014 11:42 Аспірантура

This year in Postgraduate Departmemt of Zaporizhzhya National University study five foreigners who came to us from Africa and the Middle East. The interest showing foreign visitors to Ukraine is to study in Postgraduate Department of ZNU caused by strong scientific and material-technical basis, that exists in our universities, scientific traditions and the presence of leading scientific schools that are recognized not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

Head of Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies Department Yurii Kahanov commented on the training of foreign graduate students in ZNU: "The key to the development of science - scientists constant dialogue and mutual scientific heritage. The new Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education", which entered into force on 6th September of this year opening new opportunities for academic mobility, simplifies recognition and nostrification documents on foreign degrees. In addition, from September 2015 instead of a PhD degree scientists will acquire a doctorate of philosophy (PhD) in the field of concrete science. Changing and postgraduate training, which will include an increase in credits and therefore interdisciplinary subjects".
Will attract foreign graduate students and strategy, initiated by the Rector Mykola Frolov implemented at the university aimed at enhanced learning of foreign languages at all educational levels. In order to stay young people - representatives of foreign countries - in our university were comfortable and productive, we create appropriate social conditions for living, training, scientific research and so on. We also are grateful to the staff of the International Department and work with Foreign Students to help us in this matter. So confident that foreigners will continue to be involved to study how the system bachelor, master and postgraduate study in the system in the future - and our university doctoral studies. High quality training that would be recognized abroad, is the common interest as for postgraduates and administration of ZNU". Three postgraduates who have come to Ukraine from Jordan, now study at the Faculty of Mathematics under the direction of Dean of this Faculty, professor Serhii Homeniuk. The second year of the study began in the fall, two of them - Hamze Khaled Alatamneh and Mohhamad Atef Wadi Al-Omari. They have managed to take an exam in philosophy, specialty and foreign language publish its first research articles in professional journals and participate on TV TRC "Zaporizhzhya" with the supervisor. Young researchers working in promising and interesting direction - mathematical modeling software - by themes "Consideration of design features of objects in numerical analysis" (H. Alatamneh) and "Typological transformation of finite elements mesh in the numerical calculations" (M. Al-Omari).
This year in postgraduate study of our university entered three more newcomers who came from Africa and the Middle East: Belal Alatamneh, Atef Awad Faris Anani (transferred to the 2nd-year study of East Ukrainian National University named after Dal, Luhansk) and Eva Christian Ndumu.

Olena Khlystun

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