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Students of ZNU was presented the international training program "The Erasmus Mundus project - ELECTRA"

04.12.2014 14:54 Відділ міжнародних зв’язків та роботи з іноземними студентами Презентація

December 4 in Zaporizhzhya National University was held a presentation of the international training program "The Erasmus Mundus project - ELECTRA" for students, postrgradutes and university teachers. Event organizers - representatives of the Department of International Relations and Work with Foreign Students of ZNU.

The project those present at the event presented Project Coordinator in Zaporizhzhya region Olena Tupakhina. She noted that our university participates in the program ELECTRA three years and during this period there are a lot students, postrgradutes and teachers had the opportunity to train in partner higher education institutions (consortium members) countries such as Italy, Portugal, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Bulgaria and others. This year the program was attended by seven representatives of ZNU - three teachers and four students.
In addition, the coordinator in detail stopped on the terms of participation in the project, the number of documents that have to collect those who want to get a scholarship in foreign universities, specialties and priorities for the participants of this program and the terms of submission. The grant includes a scholarship, travel to the university, insurance, visa expenses and accommodation. Each participant will receive a scholarship of 1,000 to 2,500 euros, depending on their scientific degree. To participate in the program can not only students or postgraduate students, but also those who already have a graduate degree. The term of training in foreign universities, which provided for the project lasts one semester to 30 months. The system of submission application for Electra have already opened and will run until February 3, 2015. International program "The Erasmus Mundus project - ELECTRA" aimed at increasing academic mobility in order to enhance the potential of international cooperation in higher education between universities and Eastern EU countries to address the issue of sustainable environmental development and energy through research, education and innovation. ELECTRA project offers a comprehensive research strategy approach to transnational education and training required in the labor markets of the participating countries, which are developing.
To participate in the program need to collect documents and verify your level of foreign languagein in the Foreign Languages Study Center of ZNU (the 2nd academic building, room 110).
Anyone who wants to get more information and to participate in the exchange program, Olena Tupakhina invited to contact the Department of International Relations and Work with Foreign Students of ZNU (the 1st academic building, office 26) and to her personally. In addition, she stressed that the Department will help each participant of the project in registration of documents required for the program. More information about the program "The Erasmus Mundus project - ELECTRA" can be found on the website:
The event visited also representative of the international youth organization AIESEC. She invited students present at the event to take part in a number of international programs, mission of which is to strengthen intercultural understanding and making a positive contribution to society through the development potential of young people. So, this winter everyone interested can undergo training in countries such as Brazil, Turkey, Bulgaria and Poland. The cost of the program lasting 6-8 weeks up to two thousand UAH, accommodation and meals free of charge. Participation in training of AIESEC will enable students to gain valuable for future career and international project experience, make a useful thing for society to know more about the cultural traditions of other countries and spend an unforgettable time abroad. More information can be found on the website of the organization or in groups "VKontakte" – or

Olena Yaroshenko

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