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ZNU Press Centre News / News / MK "Zaporizhstal" established scholarships for Zaporizhzhya universities students

MK "Zaporizhstal" established scholarships for Zaporizhzhya universities students

29.01.2015 13:20 ВАТ «Запорізький металургійний комбінат ”Запоріжсталь”» Запорізького національного університет іменні стипендії

JSC "Zaporizhzhya metallurgical industrial complex "Zaporizhstal"" established 20 scholarships for students of higher educational institutions of Zaporizhzhya - Zaporizhzhya National University, Zaporizhzhya National Technical University, Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy and Zaporizhzhya Metallurgical College of ZSEA - to motivate the youth to get quality higher education. Among the scholars will include three students of our university.

It should be noted that three scholarships were allocated to students of Zaporizhzhya National University. They get those members of our university student who has the best performance in education (average score - at least 4.7 grades) and is actively involved in scientific and social activities. The amount of scholarship payments for students is 700 UAH per month. In addition, scholarship holders MK "Zaporizhstal" will also receive priority right in employment at the plant.
The names of the students of the University who receive this scholarship will be determined during the Academic Council of ZNU in late February.

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