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ZNU Press Centre News / News / In ZNU was held a presentation of multimedia poem "Yevrolyutsiya" by Valentyn Buhryma

In ZNU was held a presentation of multimedia poem "Yevrolyutsiya" by Valentyn Buhryma

02.02.2015 13:00 Наукова бібліотека ЗНУ презентація

In the Scientific Library of Zaporizhzhya National University was the first part of multimedia poem "Yevrolyutsiya" presented to educational institution of its author Ph.D., Head of the Department of Electronic Mass Media and Advertising of Ukrainian TV Radio Press Institute Valentyn Buhryma (Blahomyr Maidannyi).

The author describes his work as "an epic poem of the revolution" which is based on facts that he "saw, heard cooperated, felt, said, perceived, recorded, read" as a member of the Chamber of People and events on the Maidan.
In the essay "Yevrolyutsiya" not only combines poetics and publicistics, but also are elements of multimedia. This method statement of the facts relating to the generation critical events in the history of the state, were made to improve the perception of emotion and supported by significantly documentary way, including the author gives a chronological date of writing, said sources in the media that covered the events of the Revolution dignity and so on. So curious reader can not only follow a varied country by feelings of one person, but also to learn how the same event highlighted the Ukrainian and international journalists.
"Yevrolyutsiya" - a look at the events that last winter Ukraine lived, reflected in poetry, prose, newspaper headlines, objective facts and personal feelings and experiences.

Alla Ternova,
Associate Professor of the Department of Journalism

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